Order of Civil War Books

The Civil War series is a series of alternate history novels by Newt Gingrich and William R. Forstchen. The series consists of the Gettysburg Trilogy and the standalone novel The Battle of the Crater. The series covers several “what-ifs” of the Civil War, including if General Lee could have defeated the Union Army at Gettysburg […]


Order of Newt Gingrich Books

Newt Gingrich is an American author of alternate history novels and non-fiction books. He writes the Civil War series (including the Gettysburg Trilogy), Pacific War series and Revolutionary War series (aka George Washington series). Gingrich is best known for helping end 40 years of the Democrats ruling the House and becoming Speaker of the House. […]


Order of Kim Stanley Robinson Books

Kim Stanley Robinson is an American author of science fiction and alternate history novels. He is the author of the Three Californias, Mars and Capital Code (or Science in the Capital) trilogies. Robinson attended the University of California, San Diego and earned his B.A. in literature. The next year, he earned his M.A. in English […]


Order of Stephen Baxter Books

Stephen Baxter is a British author of hard science fiction and alternate history novels. He writes the Xeelee Sequence, Destiny’s Children, NASA Trilogy, Manifold Trilogy, Mammoth Trilogy, Time Odyssey (with Arthur C. Clarke), Time’s Tapestry, Long Earth (with Terry Pratchett) and Proxima series. Baxter earned his degree in mathematics from Cambridge University, his doctorate degree […]


Order of Destroyermen Books

The Destroyermen is a series of alternate history novels by American novelist Taylor Anderson. The series is about the crew of a destroyer warship during World War II. The USS Walker crew is lead by Lietenant Commander Matthew Patrick Reddy. During battle, the USS Walker ends up into a portal to an alternate Earth. This […]


Order of Taylor Anderson Books

Taylor Anderson is an American novelist of alternate history novels. He writes the Destroyermen series. Taylor has his Master’s Degree in History and has taught it at Tartleton State University. He is also a gun maker and forensic ballistic archaeologist and even works as a technical and dialogue consultant for many different movies and documentaries […]


Order of Temeraire Books

Temeraire is a series of fantasy/alternate history novels by American novelist Naomi Novik. The series is a fantasy re-telling of the Napoleonic Wars, complete with dragons. The books follow Temeraire and Captain William Laurence. Captain Laurence is serving in the Royal Navy when he comes across a dragon egg. When it hatches, a dragon named […]


Order of Naomi Novik Books

Naomi Novik is an American author of historical fantasy/alternate history novels. She writes the Temeraire fantasy series. Naomi has been reading ever since she was young, even reading the Lord of the Rings when she was six and then came to love Jane Austen when she was only seven years old. With her childhood love […]


Order of Wild Cards Books

Wild Cards is a series of science fiction/alternate history anthologies edited by George R.R. Martin (with Melinda Snodgrass). The series was inspired by comic book superheroes and the roleplaying game Superworld. The series is set following World War II when an alien virus is unleashed on New York City, killing almost everyone who goes near […]


Order of Robert Littell Books

Robert Littell is an American author of spy fiction. Born in Brooklyn, Littell graduated from Alfred University in 1956. After serving in the U.S. Navy for four years, he became a journalist for Newsweek during the Cold War. In his spare time, he is an amateur mountain climber. His son, Jonathan, is also a writer. […]