Order of Garry Disher Books

Garry Disher is an Australian author of crime fiction and children’s novels. He writes the Wyatt series and the Inspector Challis series. Disher obtained postgraduate degrees from Adelaide University and Melbourne University. He was awarded a writing fellowship from Stanford University and wrote his first collection of short stories. He then travelled the world, ending […]


Order of Little Women Books

Little Women is a series of coming-of-age/children’s novels by American author Louisa May Alcott. The series follows the four March sisters – Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy – starting from childhood and growing up into adulthood during the 19th century in New England. Alcott partially based the books on her own life, growing her up […]


Order of Dragons Of Wayward Crescent Books

The Dragons of Wayward Crescent is a series of children’s fantasy novels by British author Chris d’Lacey. In this prequel to d’Lacey’s Last Dragon Chronicles series, readers will learn how the dragons came to life and how they would eventually save the world.


Order of Last Dragon Chronicles Books

The Last Dragon Chronicles is a series of children’s fantasy novels by British author Chris d’Lacey. The series is centered around David Rain, a college student who finds out that he has living dragons made of clay as surprise “roommates” at his lodging house. The series also has a prequel series, The Dragons of Wayward […]


Order of Giver Quartet Books

The Giver Quartet is a series of science fiction/dystopian fiction children’s novels by American novelist Lois Lowry. The series is set in a society which seems to be a utopian society, but turns out to be a dystopian society that lacks individuality and emotional depth.


Order of Anastasia Krupnik Books

Anastasia Krupnik is the protagonist in a series of children’s novels by American author Lois Lowry. Anastasia is a 10 year-old girl who is simply trying to grow up and dealing with all sorts of issues that go along with growing up. There is also a spin-off series which features her little brother, Sam Krupnik. […]


Order of Lois Lowry Books

Lois Lowry is an American author of children’s books, many of which are children’s fantasy novels. She is most famous for her novel The Giver (which spawned the Giver Quartet) and the novel Number the Stars – both of which have won the Newbery Medal. Some of Lois’ other series include the Anastasia Krupnik series […]


Order of Alice Hoffman Books

Alice Hoffman is an American author of fantasy, magic realism and historical fiction novels for adults, young adults and children. She got her B.A. from Adelphi University and her M.A. in creative writing from Stanford University. Hoffman wrote the screenplay for Independence Day (although not the famous one). She lives in Boston, Massachusetts with her […]


Order of Lene Kaaberbol Books

Lene Kaaberbol is a Danish author of children’s and young adult fantasy novels and crime fiction for adults. She writes the Shamer Chronicles and the Nina Borg series, in addition to contributing to the W.I.T.C.H. Adventures series. Lene enjoys writing in different genres and for different audiences. She lives in the Danish countryside with her […]


Order of Hardy Boys Books

The Hardy Boys is a series of children’s mystery novels written under the house name of Franklin W. Dixon. The series was created by Edward Stratemeyer of the Stratemeyer Syndicate. The Hardy Boys, Frank and Joe, are teenage brothers who spend their time solving mysteries. Their often-inept father, Fenton, is also a detective.