Order of 86 Bloomberg Place Books

86 Bloomberg Place is a series of women’s Christian fiction novels by American author Melody Carlson. The series is about the women who rent rooms from Kendall’s grandmother’s old house on 86 Bloomberg Place. The women are half-Hawaii Lelani Porter, depressed Christian Megan Abernathy and Anna Mendez, a Latina.


Order of Girls Of 622 Harbor View Books

Girls of 622 Harbor View is a series of children’s novels by American author Melody Carlson. Morgan, Amy, Carlie and Emily all look different, think different and are into different things. Despite all of these differences, the four are all best friends. Friendship is of the utmost importance to these four girls and will help […]


Order of TrueColors Books

TrueColors is a series of YA Christian fiction novels by American novelist Melody Carlson. The series covers a myriad of edgy subjects, including sexuality, drug and alcohol abuse, suicide, eating disorders and friendships. The series is recommended for a lock-in, youth retreat or a slumber party. The books all include discussion questions on the topics […]


Order of Diary Of A Teenage Girl Books

Diary of a Teenage Girl is a series of YA Christian fiction by American author Melody Carlson. The series consists of different four series, featuring Caitlin, Chloe, Kim and Maya. Caitlin’s series is about her struggle with friendship, family turmoil and not having a boyfriend in high school. Chloe is part of an all-girl Christian […]


Order of Melody Carlson Books

Melody Carlson is an American author of Christian fiction novels and non-fiction books for all ages. A prolific author, she writes the Diary of a Teenage Girl, TrueColors, Girls of 622 Harbor View, Carter House Girls, 86 Bloomberg Place, Four Lindas, On the Runway, Secrets, Dating Games, Second Chances and also has written several novels […]


Order of Brandilyn Collins Books

Brandilyn Collins is an American author of Christian suspense novels, which she has termed “Seatbelt Suspense.” She writes the Hidden Faces, Kanner Lake and Rayne Tour series. Brandilyn was born in India to Christian missionary parents, grew up in Kentucky and later moved to California when she was an adult. She has won several awards, […]


Order of Wingfeather Saga Books

The Wingfeather Saga is a series of Christian children’s fantasy novels by American author Andrew Peterson. The Wingfeather Saga follows the Igiby siblings – Janner, Tink and Leeli. Along with their dog Nugget, they must protect the legend and jewels of the King Wingfeather from the Fangs of Dang.


Order of Andrew Peterson (Christian) Books

Andrew Peterson is an American author of Christian-themed children’s fantasy novels. He writes the Wingfeather Saga, and is not to be confused with the thriller author of the same name. Andrew is also a songwriter and musician in addition to being a published novelist. He runs the Rabbit Room, which is a group of songwriters, […]


Order of Lorena McCourtney Books

Lorena McCourtney is an American novelist of Christian-themed mystery and romance novels. She grew up writing stories about horses, while getting her Agriculture degree from Washington State University. While raising a family, Lorena ended up getting a job to pay the bills and had to put writing on the backburner, until she started writing short […]


Order of Heirs Of Acadia Books

The Heirs of Acadia series is a series of Christian historical fiction novels by T. Davis Bunn & Isabella Bunn. The series is a continuation of the Song of Acadia series by T. Davis Bunn & Janette Oke. This sequel series follows descendants of Acadians during the War of 1812.