Order of Tony Hill/Carol Jordan Books

The Tony Hill/Carol Jordan series is a series of mystery/suspense novels by Scottish novelist Val McDermid. Tony Hill is a psychologist who suffers from sexual dysfunction, while Carol Jordan is an officer who helps Tony put killers behind bars. The series was adapted into a UK television show called Wire in the Blood.


Order of Kate Brannigan Books

Kate Brannigan is a fictional character and a series of detective fiction novels by Scottish novelist Val McDermid. Kate works as a private investigator who works out of Manchester, England.


Order of John Burdett Books

John Burdett is a British novelist of crime fiction. He is best known for his Sonchai Jitpleecheep novels that are set in Bangkok. His novels deal with Thai culture, superstitions and paranormal beliefs in Thailand as well as the crime scene in Thailand. Burdett is interested in moving beyond the detective genre when he is […]


Order of Roy Grace Books

Detective Superintendent Roy Grace is a fictional character and series by English author Peter James. The Brighton-based detective’s wife has been missing for nine year, giving him first-hand knowledge of what it’s like to lose a loved one. It’s also because of this that he’ll use any method he can to get the job done […]


Order of Patrik Hedstrom Books

Patrik Hedstrom is a character featured in a series of detective novels by Swedish author Camilla Lackberg. The series is set in Fjallbacka, which is a quiet fishing community. The series is also known as the Fjallbacka series.


Order of Charlie Parker Books

Charlie Parker is a fictional character and a series of detective novels by Irish novelist John Connolly. Charlie Parker is a private detective and anti-hero who is looking for the man who killed his wife and daughter. The series deals with some supernatural themes such as ghosts and angels.


Order of John Connolly Books

John Connolly is an Irish novelist of crime fiction novels, largely featuring private detective Charlie Parker. Connolly has also written several standalone novels – a few of which had been adapted to film – as well as some supernatural short stories. Connolly’s inspirations include James Lee Burke, Ed McBain and Ross Macdonald.


Order of The Diamond Brothers Books

The Diamond Brothers is a series of novels by English author Anthony Horowitz. The books are targeted at children and are full of humour (puns, pop culture references and wacky scenarios). Tim Diamond is a horrible detective, whereas his brother Nick is the more intelligent of the two. In 1989, The Falcon’s Malteser was adapted […]


Order of Aurelio Zen Books

Aurelio Zen is a fictional Italian detective character created by British author Michael Dibdin. He made his debut in the written medium in 1988 with Ratking. Three years after Dibdin’s passing, the series was brought to life in the form of three feature-length dramas based on Dibdin’s series. Zen is portrayed by English actor Rufus […]


Order of W.E.B. Griffin Books

W.E.B. Griffin is an American author who is best known for his military and detective novels in series such as The Brotherhood of War, The Corps, Men at War, Badge of Honor, Honor Bound and The Presidential Agent series. However, by the time he started gaining notoriety as W.E.B. Griffin in the eighties, he was […]