Order of Michael Wallace Books

Michael Wallace is an author of thriller, suspense, historical fiction and fantasy novels for both adults and young adults. He writes the Righteous series as well as the Devil’s Deep series and the Dark Citadel series. But not all of Michael’s adventures are fiction; he’s travelled across the Sahara while riding a camel, went through […]


Order of Band Of Four Books

The Band of Four is a series of heroic fantasy novels by Canadian author Ed Greenwood. The “Band of Four” consists of a strong warrior named Hawkril, a crafty thief named Craer, a wise healer named Sarasper and a sorceress named Lady Embra Silvertree. The series is set on a Kingless Land called Aglirta. The […]


Order of Ed Greenwood Books

Ed Greenwood is a Canadian author of fantasy novels. He is best known for creating the Forgotten Realms world, but has also written other series such as the Band of Four series. Greenwood had conceived of Forgotten Realms when he was young and when he got into Dungeons & Dragons, he used it as a […]


Order of Riyria Books

The Riyria universe consists of two series of high fantasy novels by American novelist Michael J. Sullivan. The first series, the Riyria Revelations is set in a time where kings ruled, knights served them and where much of the wilderness was uncharted. Elves are former slaves who are still shunned by the rest of society. […]


Order of Michael J. Sullivan Books

Michael J. Sullivan is an American author of epic/high fantasy and science fiction novels. He is best known for his Riyria series. Michael began writing in 1979 and continued until 1994, to no success whatsoever. He decided to quit writing, which lasted eight years and he finally had to get his ideas onto paper once […]


Order of Sipstrassi Books

The Sipstrassi universe is a series of historical/heroic fantasy novels by British author David Gemmell. The series is also known as the Stones of Power series, and it actually consists of two mini-series – the Jon Shannow mini-series and the Stones of Power mini-series. The Sipstrassi series is a re-telling of Arthurian legend.


Order of Drenai Saga Books

The Drenai Saga is a series of heroic fantasy novels by British author David Gemmell. “Drenai” is the country is the series is set on. The series focuses on the history of the ountry, including the important moments and the many inhabitants who have lived there. The characters the series focuses on the most are […]


Order of David Gemmell Books

David Gemmell (1948-2006) was an English author of heroic and historical fantasy novels. He is the author of the Drenai Saga and Sipstrassi series. Gemmell began trying to write in the ’70s, but the end result was not quite what he desired. Then, after being diagnosed with terminal cancer, he went back to writing, as […]


Order of Wingfeather Saga Books

The Wingfeather Saga is a series of Christian children’s fantasy novels by American author Andrew Peterson. The Wingfeather Saga follows the Igiby siblings – Janner, Tink and Leeli. Along with their dog Nugget, they must protect the legend and jewels of the King Wingfeather from the Fangs of Dang.


Order of Andrew Peterson (Christian) Books

Andrew Peterson is an American author of Christian-themed children’s fantasy novels. He writes the Wingfeather Saga, and is not to be confused with the thriller author of the same name. Andrew is also a songwriter and musician in addition to being a published novelist. He runs the Rabbit Room, which is a group of songwriters, […]