Order of Don Donaldson Books

Don Donaldson is an American author of forensic mystery and medical thriller novels. He writes the Andy Broussard & Kit Franklyn series (as D.J. Donaldson). Don has his Ph.D in human anatomy. He has taught microscopic anatomy to over 5,000 students in the medical and dental professions and has published dozens of research papers on […]


Order of Dr. Steven Dunbar Books

Dr. Steven Dunbar is the protagonist in a series of medical thriller novels by Scottish novelist Ken McClure. Ex-Special Forces medic Dr. Steven Dunbar works for Sci-Med Inspectorate, a secretive agency that investigates crimes with links to the world of science.


Order of Ken McClure Books

Ken McClure is a Scottish author of medical thriller novels. He writes the Dr. Steven Dunbar series. Ken was born and grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland, where one of his primary school teachers was Scottish poet Norman MacCaig. Then, in high school, he was taught English by another Scottish poet, Sorley MacLean. While working at […]


Order of Jonathan Gash Books

Jonathan Gash is the pen name of English novelist John Grant, who writes crime fiction novels. He is best known as the author of the Lovejoy series and also wrote the Dr. Clare Burtonall series. Gash is a trained general practitioner and pathologist. He also served in the British Army and made Major in the […]


Order of Dr. Hoffmann Books

Dr. Felix Hoffmann is the protagonist in a series of medical thriller/mystery novels by German novelist Christoph Spielberg. Dr. Felix Hoffmann is a physician based out of Berlin, Germany who is great at his job, highly respected by his peers, loves watching soccer and drinking beer. Along with his girlfriend Celine, Hoffmann investigates various medical-related […]


Order of Christoph Spielberg Books

Christoph Spielberg is a German author of medical thriller/mystery novels. He writes the Dr. Felix Hoffmann series and has also recently started working on a new series featuring a character named Heinz Buscher. Spielberg is a cardiologist who uses his real-life experiences to writes his fiction. He is an Agatha Award and Friedrich Glauser award-winning […]


Order of Richard Preston Books

Richard Preston is an American author of medical suspense/thriller novels and non-fiction books. Preston has written fiction and non-fiction about topics such as bio-terrorism, viruses, redwood trees (a personal hobby) and more. He finished the Michael Crichton novel Micro following the author’s death. Richard is the brother of fellow bestselling novelist, Douglas Preston.


Order of Dr. Anya Crichton Books

Dr. Anya Crichton is a fictional character created by Australian novelist Kathryn Fox, featured in a series of medical thriller novels. Crichton is a pathologist and a forensic physician with a three year-old son named Ben. The series was described by Vogue as a mix between ER and CSI, which makes sense as it doesn’t […]


Order of Kathryn Fox Books

Kathryn Fox is an Australian author of medical thrillers. All of her novels in her career thus far have featured her Dr. Anya Crichton character. Kathryn is a medical practitioner with an interest in forensic medicine. Besides being a novelist, she has worked as a general practitioner, medical journalist and freelance writer. Her novels have […]


Order of Michael Palmer Books

Michael Palmer (1942-2013) was an American novelist of medical thrillers. Before becoming a novelist, Michael Palmer spent 20 years practicing medicine. Palmer didn’t originally want to be an author, but after reading Coma by Robin Cook (a fellow Wesleyan grad), he realized he could too. As of this writing, all of his novels have made […]