Order of Olen Steinhauer Books

Olen Steinhauer is an American novelist of historical and spy mysteries/thrillers. He is the author of the Ruthenia Quintet and the Milo Weaver series. The New York Times said of him, “Not since John le Carre has a writer so vividly evoked the multilayered, multifaceted, deeply paranoid world of espionage, in which identities and allegiances […]


Order of Stephen Frey Books

Stephen Frey is an American author of thriller and suspense novels. The common theme of many of his novels is that they take place in the financial world, although he has also written spy novels. Besides his writing, Stephen works as a managing director at a private equity firm in Florida.


Order of Dan Mayland Books

Dan Mayland is an American novelist in the spy thriller genre. So far, Mayland has hitchhiked across the South, slept on the streets in Europe, live in France, been detained in Czechoslovakia, trekked through Bhutan and Nepal, gone mountaineering in South America and much more. He has recently began a spy thriller series featuring Mark […]


Order of Andrew Grant Books

Andrew Grant is an English novelist of spy thrillers. Andrew attended the University of Sheffield, studying English Literature and Drama. Before becoming getting published as a novelist he worked in the telecommunications industry. Andrew’s character is David Travellyan. He is the brother of bestselling author Lee Child and is married to historical fiction author Tasha […]


Order of Jessica Jones Books

Jessica Jones is a series of spy thrillers by British novelist Christopher Nicole. Jessica works as a detective sergeant.


Order of Devlin Books

Devlin is a fictional character featured in a series of novels by American author Michael Walsh. Devlin is a secret operative for the Central Security Service.


Order of Michael Walsh Books

Michael Walsh is an American author of spy fiction, in addition to being a music critic, media critic and screenwriter. His novels include a spy thriller series featuring his character Devlin, a sequel to the film classic Casablanca and a fictionalized account of Owney Madden’s life.


Order of Jonathan Quinn Books

Jonathan Quinn is a fictional character created by American author Brett Battles and is featured in his own spy thriller series. Quinn freelances for a secret U.S. intelligence agency called “The Office.” Before working as an intel-op, Quinn was a cop.


Order of Brett Battles Books

Brett Battles is an American author of action-adventure and thriller novels, including spy thrillers. Battles’ main character is Jonathan Quinn, who works as a freelance intelligence operative. His some of his major influences include Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov and Stephen King.