Order of Aline Templeton Books

Aline Templeton is a Scottish novelist of crime thriller novels. She writes the D.I. Marjory Fleming series. Aline grew up in Fife, Scotland and attended St. Leonards School, St. Andrews and Cambridge University. Her first careers were in education and broadcasting. As a writer, her articles have appeared in various newspapers and magazines. Aline is […]


Order of Jefferson Tayte Books

Jefferson Tayte is the protagonist in a series of historical mystery/thriller novels by English author Steve Robinson. Tayte is an American genealogist who is hired to dig back into family histories in order to solve mysteries. The series combines the historical mystery with the contemporary thriller.


Order of Steve Robinson Books

Steve Robinson is an English novelist of historical mystery/thriller novels. He writes the Jefferson Tayte series. Steve first began writing at age 16, when he had his first magazine article published. After he decided a career in telecommunications was going nowhere, he made the decision to start writing full-time. Steve became interested in genealogy because […]


Order of Randy Singer Books

Randy Singer is an American author of Christian-themed legal thriller novels and non-fiction books. He is also a veteran trial attorney and a teaching pastor for Trinity Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Randy compares himself to Jekyll and Hyde – sometimes a lawyer, sometimes a pastor. He also teaches advocacy and ethics classes at Regent […]


Order of Neil White Books

Neil White is a British author of crime thriller novels. He writes the Jack Garrett & Laura McGanity series and the Joe & Sam Parker series. During the day, Neil works as a criminal lawyer. At night, he writes crime fiction. Growing up in Yorkshire, Neil read Enid Blyton‘s Famous Five series, Alfred Hitchcock and […]


Order of Jeff Edwards Books

Jeff Edwards is an American author of military thriller/techno-thriller novels. He writes the Sea Warrior Files and City Blues series. Edwards was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia. He spent 23 years serving in the U.S. military as a sonar technician before retiring as a chief petty officer. The theme of the majority of his […]


Order of Catherine Ling Books

Catherine Ling is the protagonist in a series of suspense/thriller novels by American author Iris Johansen. Johansen introduced her Catherine Ling character in the Eve Duncan series. Following that debut, she received her own spin-off series. Ling was raised on the streets of Hong Kong and has been a member of the CIA since she […]


Order of Dr. Charlotte Stone Books

Dr. Charlotte Stone is the protagonist in a series of paranormal romantic thriller novels by American novelist Karen Robards. Dr. Charlotte Stone sees what others do not. Charlie is a criminal pathologist and an expert on serial killers. She is also a survivor of an attempted murder by a serial killer herself.


Order of Ray Elkins Books

Ray Elkins is the protagonist in a series of mystery/thriller novels by American author Aaron Stander. Ray Elkins is sheriff in Northern Michigan’s gold coast – home to both permanent residents and summer residents.


Order of Aaron Stander Books

Aaron Stander is an American novelist of mystery/thriller novels. He is the author of the Ray Elkins series. Before becoming a published author, Stander worked as an English teacher and training writing teachers in the Detroit area. In 2000, along with his wife, Aaron left his job to move to a cottage in Traverse City, […]