Order of Beth Amos Books

Beth Amos is an American author of mystery, thriller and suspense novels. She writes the Mattie Winston series (as Annelise Ryan), the Mac’s Bar Mysteries series (as Allyson K. Abbott) and several standalone novels under her real name. In real life, Beth is an emergency room registered nurse in Wisconsin. Therefore, she decided to start […]


Order of Rebecca Cantrell Books

Rebecca Cantrell is an American author of historical fiction, mystery, thriller and horror novels. She writes the Hannah Vogel, Joe Tesla, iMonsters and the Order of the Sanguines (with James Rollins) series. Rebecca had always wanted to be a writer, so one day she quit her job, sold her house, packed her bags and moved […]


Order of Sandra Balzo Books

Sandra Balzo is an American author of mystery and crime fiction novels. She writes the Maggy Thorsen and Main Street Murders Mysteries series. Prior to becoming a novelist, Sandra spent 20 years working in corporate public relations, event management and publicity.


Order of Philip St. Ives Books

Philip St. Ives is the protagonist in a series of hardboiled crime fiction/mystery novels by American novelist Ross Thomas (originally as Oliver Bleeck). Philip St. Ives is a private investigator, but unlike many hardboiled detectives, he doesn’t work out of a crappy office, drink cheap liquor or work in a horrible, corrupt city. Instead, he […]


Order of Ross Thomas Books

Ross Thomas (1926-1995) was an American author of crime fiction, mystery and thriller novels. He wrote the Mac McCorkle, Philip St. Ives (as Oliver Bleeck) and Arthur Case Wu series. Thomas served during World War II in the Philippines. He then worked in public relations, with the Armed Forces Network, as a union spokesman and […]


Order of Jacqui Rose Books

Jacqui Rose is a British author of gangland crime thriller novels. Jacqui grew up in an isolated mining village in South Yorkshire. She first came to appreciate writing when as she would write essays for other kids in her class for packets of sherbet dips. When she was a teenager, Jacqui also realized she loved […]


Order of Sloane Monroe Books

Sloane Monroe is the protagonist in a series of mystery/thriller novels by American novelist Cheryl Bradshaw. Originally from Tehachapi, California, Sloane Monroe is a private investigator based in Park City, Utah.


Order of Cheryl Bradshaw Books

Cheryl Bradshaw is an American author of mystery, thriller and romantic suspense novels. She writes the Sloane Monroe series. Growing up in California, Cheryl has been interested in writing ever since she was young. She took advanced English classes and wrote short stories and poems that she would submit to magazines. She was also published […]


Order of Paul Sussman Books

Paul Sussman (1966-2012) was an English author of thriller novels. He wrote the Yusuf Khalifa series. In addition to being a novelist, Sussman was also an archaeologist and a journalist. As an archaeologist, Sussman (whose focus was Egypt) was able to find pharaonic jewellery from the Valley of the Kings – the only jewellery of […]


Order of D.I. Marjory Fleming Books

D.I. Marjory Fleming is the protagonist in a series of crime thriller novels by Scottish novelist Aline Templeton. Detective Inspector Marjory Fleming is tough with a sense of humour and a passion for justice. After visiting Galloway and seeing how hard the region was hit by the foot-and-mouth epidemic, Templeton decided to set her crime […]