Order of Mary B. Morrison Books

Mary B. Morrison is an American novelist of romance novels. She writes the Soulmates Dissipate and Honey Diaries series, which are connected. Her novels cover both social and sexual issues, while demonstrating female empowerment. Mary was born in Aurora, Illinois and grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana. She graduated from Berkeley Community College in Berkeley, […]


Order of Carl Weber Books

Carl Weber is an American author of urban romance novels. He writes the Lookin’ For Luv and Church series. Carl Weber is also the founder and publisher of Urban Books and also owns the Urban Knowledge bookstore chain. Weber graduated from Virginia State University and earned his MBA in marketing from the University of Virginia.


Order of Thug Books

The Thug series is a series of urban fiction by American author Wahida Clark. The series starts off following Angel, Jaz and Kyra, who are three girlfriends stuck on the streets and trying to find their way out and into a new life.


Order of Wahida Clark Books

Wahida Clark is an American author of urban fiction novels. She created the Thug Love Fiction sub-genre of street lit. She was the first street lit author to write a series. Wahida spent nine and a half years in prison and was then released into a halfway house. She is now Vice President of a […]


Order of Hood Rat Books

Hood Rat is a series of urban fiction novels by American novelist K’wan Foye. Urban Dictionary defines the term ‘hood rat’ as “A girl who sleeps with various men in the neighborhood. Usually noticeable via her slacking standards of personal care.”


Order of K’wan Foye Books

K’wan Foye is an American author of urban fiction. He started writing as a therapeutic release but caught fire and became a bestselling author. His first novel, Gangsta was the first novel published by Triple Crown Publications, putting the small publishing house on the road to becoming a multi-million dollar company. After his second novel, […]


Order of Prada Plan Books

The Prada Plan is a series of urban fiction novels written by American novelist Ashley Antoinette. The main character is Disaya “YaYa” Morgan who is the daughter of a pimp and a prostitute.


Order of The Cartel Books

The Cartel is a series of urban fiction novels by Ashley & JaQuavis (Ashley Antoinette and JaQuavis Coleman).


Order of Ashley Antoinette Books

Ashley Antoinette is an American author of urban fiction. She is best known for her collaborations with JaQuavis Coleman, who she usually writes with as Ashley & JaQuavis. Ashley and JaQuavis were discovered at age 17 by author Carl Weber and have not looked back since. Ashley is the author of the Prada Plan series […]


Order of Dopeman’s Trilogy Books

The Dopeman’s Trilogy is a series of urban fiction novels by American novelist JaQuavis Coleman.