Book Review: A Year With Minecraft

Written by Graeme McGaw Minecraft is one of those things that you either get….or you just haven’t played it yet. It’s an incredibly popular sandbox game spread over a variety of systems from the computer to consoles to tablets.


Buying A Kindle As A Christmas Gift Guide

Written by Graeme One gift that SHOULD be popular come Christmas time is the Kindle, or a similar e-reader. Rather than list them all we’ll just be mentioning the Kindle in this article – which we personally feel is the best e-reader, having tested multiple e-readers out over the years. Of course if you’re reading […]


Christmas 2013 Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

Written by Graeme I’m sure everyone reading this has some book lovers on their Christmas list. People who are sort of easy to buy for….but not really, right? I mean they may love the Harry Potter series – but they probably already own all books. Big Jack Reacher fan? Yeah your problem is they probably […]


Book Review: Don’t Call Me Goon

Written by Graeme McGaw It doesn’t matter if you’re a hockey fan or not; there’s always a few select players who you’ll always pay attention to when they pop up on the highlight reel. They’re the bruisers, the tough guys, the fighters – the players who scare the crap out of any other player on […]


Book Review: Welcome To Maple Leaf Gardens

Written by Graeme McGaw Welcome to Maple Leaf Gardens is the title of the book by Craig Abel and Lance Hornby. It is a pictorial history of the Maple Leaf Gardens, Canada’s most famous arena. And what a well-done book it is. From the selection of pictures they used to the back stories, this is […]


Book Review: Heart of the Blackhawks

Written by Graeme McGaw Pierre Pilote is a name that any hockey fan who watched during the 60s will never forget. One of the best defenseman of that decade, Pilote primarily played for the Chicago Blackhawks during his NHL career, except for a brief stint at the end for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Pilote holds […]


Book Review: The Third Best Hull

Written by Graeme McGaw The Third Best Hull is the story of Dennis Hill, a retired NHL player. Hull mostly played for the Chicago Blackhawks and had a small stint with the Detroit Red Wings at the end of his career.


Book Review: The Three Count by Jimmy Korderas

Written by Graeme McGaw I’ve read practically every wrestling related autobiography there is, so when I heard that ex-WWE referee Jim Korderas was reading a book, I was quite excited. I was very curious to see how things would be from a new perspective. I’ve read enough books from wrestlers – it’d be interesting to […]


If You Like Vince Flynn/Mitch Rapp, You’ll Love…

We are all very sad at the passing of Vince Flynn. (News: Vince Flynn Passes Away) I was a huge Vince Flynn fan. I still remember reading Transfer of Power, the first Mitch Rapp book. I liked it so much, that despite there being a huge thunderstorm outside, I ran up to the local bookstore […]


Book Review: Blood Red Turns Dollar Green Vol. 1 By Paul O’Brien

Written by Brandon Williams Blood Red Turns Dollar Green by Paul O’Brien is a marriage between wrestling and literature that has never been seen before. And after Mick Foley put out Have a Nice Day in 1999 and it became a New York Times Bestseller, wrestling books started coming out the woodwork due to the […]