Order of Peter Grant Books

Peter Grant by Ben Aaronovitch
Peter Grant is the protagonist in a series of crime fiction/urban fantasy novels by British author Ben Aaronovitch. Peter Grant is a young constable who works at the Metropolitan Police of London. His goal is to end up as a detective there, but instead he ends up meeting a ghost and joining the supernatural division of the Met. (more…)


Order of Ben Aaronovitch Books

Ben Aaronovitch
Ben Aaronovitch is a British author of science fiction, urban fantasy and crime fiction novels in addition to being a television writer. He writes the Peter Grant series. Ben is the son of Sam Aaronovitch, a well-known economist/academic who was one of the senior members of the Communist Party of Great Britain. He is also the brother of Coronation Street actor Owen Aaronovitch and journalist David Aaronovitch. As a TV writer, he wrote the Doctor Who serials Remembrance of the Daleks and Battlefield for the BBC and several episodes of Jupiter Moon. Aaronovitch lives in Wimbledon, London, England. (more…)


Order of Owen McKenna Books

Owen McKenna Mystery Thriller by Todd Borg
Owen McKenna is the protagonist in a series of mystery/thriller novels by American author Todd Borg. Owen McKenna is a former San Francisco homicide investigator, but a tragedy caused him to give up his position in order to start a new life in Lake Tahoe. Once he moved there, he started up shop as a private detective. He lives with his Great Dane named Spot in a log cabin on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe. Other characters include his girlfriend Street Casey and friends Sergeant Diamond Martinez, reporter Glenda Gorman and police commander Mallory. (more…)


Order of Todd Borg Books

Todd Borg
Todd Borg is an American novelist of mystery/thriller novels. He writes the Owen McKenna series set in the Lake Tahoe area. Todd moved to Lake Tahoe from the Midwest along with his wife, painter Kit Night, in 1990 after several vacations there. The lake gave him the inspiration to write about the area, resulting in the creation of his Detective Owen McKenna character. (more…)


Order of Blanco County Mysteries Books

Blanco County Mysteries by Ben Rehder
The Blanco County Mysteries is a series of satiric mystery novels by American novelist Ben Rehder. The series features a Texas game warden named John Marlin, who is often brought into homicide investigations – and not by choice. He works with Blanco County sheriff Herbert Mackey. (more…)