Order of Carrier Books

Carrier is a series of action-adventure novels by Keith Douglass – a house name used by William H. Keith and J. Andrew Keith (as a team) and others. The series follows U.S. Navy aviators aboard the CVN-74 U.S.S. Thomas Jefferson supercarrier. Throughout the series, the team must go to North Korea, Thailand, India and more.


Order of Freedom’s Rangers Books

Freedom’s Rangers is a series of action-adventure/science fiction novels by Keith William Andrews (William H. Keith & J. Andrew Keith). The series is set in “the future” (2008) after the Russians have conquered the U.S. The main protagonist of the series, Hunter, must lead a team to go into the past and prevent the Russians […]


Order of Matt Drake Books

Matt Drake is the protagonist in a series of action-adventure thriller novels by British author David Leadbeater. Matt Drake is a retired SAS officer who must solve mysteries that have remained unsolved for many eons.


Order of David Leadbeater Books

David Leadbeater is a British author of action-adventure and supernatural thriller novels. He writes the Matt Drake series. He includes Joss Whedon, Robert Crais, Andy McDermott and Graham Masterton among his major influences. David lives in York, England with his wife and two daughters.


Order of Thomas Kydd Books

Thomas Payne Kydd is the protagonist in a series of action-adventure/nautical historical fiction novels by English novelist Julian Stockwin. Thomas Kydd is a young man from Guildford who finds himself aboard the Duke William battleship where he learns to become a soldier and join the Royal Navy. The series begins in the late 18th century. […]


Order of Julian Stockwin Books

Julian Stockwin is an English author of nautical action-adventure historical fiction novels. He writes the Kydd Sea Adventures series. Stockwin joined the Royal Navy when he was 15 years old. When his family moved to Australia, he was transferred to the Royal Australian Navy where he served for eight years. After studying at the University […]


Order of John Locke Action Thriller Books

John Locke is the protagonist in a series of action thriller e-pulp novels by American author Mike Pettit. Locke travels around Asia fighting various greedy criminal organizations, who are obsessed with power, gambling and sex, that will do anything to see him dead.


Order of Mike Pettit Books

Mike Pettit is an American author of mystery, action, adventure, suspense and thriller novels. He is a self-published author. Pettit’s series characters include John Locke, Jack Marsh and Sam Nash. By the time he was 12, he had read the works of authors such as Mark Twain, Robert Louis Stevenson, Edgar Rice Burroughs and Jules […]


Order of Mack Bolan Books

Mack Bolan is a fictional character created by American author Don Pendleton who appears in the Mack Bolan (aka SuperBolan) action-adventure series, which is a spin-off of his earlier series, The Executioner. The character also appears in the Stony Man series and others. Mack Bolan is Vietnam vet and an expert sniper who recorded over […]


Order of Stony Man Books

Stony Man is a series of action-adventure novels created by American author Don Pendleton. Stony Man is a clandestine organization that first appeared in Pendleton’s Executioner series. The group only answers to the White House and handles operations that not even the CIA, NSA or FBI will touch. The organization was created in order to […]