Order of Henderson’s Boys Books

Henderson’s Boys is a series of YA spy fiction novels by English author Robert Muchamore. The series is set during World War II. This spin-off series tells the story of CHERUB founder Charles Henderson, a British spy who uses children (usually orphans) to gain the advantage against the enemy.


Order of CHERUB Books

CHERUB is a series of YA spy fiction novels by English novelist Robert Muchamore. CHERUB is a division of the British Security Service consisting of people under 18 as intelligence officers. The logic behind this is that terrorists and criminals aren’t as guarded against kids and teenagers. CHERUB agents retire from the service before they […]


Order of Robert Muchamore Books

Robert Muchamore is an English author of spy, adventure and thriller novels for young adults. He writes the CHERUB and Henderson’s Boys series. Muchamore grew up in the London neighbourhood of Tufnell Park. His career options were to be an architect, photographer or a writer. By process of elimination, he ended up choosing writing… until […]


Order of Daniel Knox Books

Daniel Knox is the protagonist in a series of adventure thriller novels by British novelist Will Adams. The Daniel Knox character is an underwater archaeologist explores many of the greatest mysteries of the ancient world.


Order of Will Adams Books

Will Adams is a British author of adventure thriller novels. He writes the Daniel Knox series. Before he started writing professionally, Will worked at a London-based firm of communications consultants. He now writes full-time and lives in Essex, England.


Order of Adam Hall Books

Adam Hall is the best known pseudonym of British author Elleston Trevor [born Trevor Dudley-Smith] (1920-1995), who also wrote as Simon Rattray, Howard North, Roger Fitzalan, Mansell Black, Trevor Burgess, Warwick Scott, Caesar Smith and Lesley Stone. He wrote all sorts of different genres, including spy thrillers, adventure, children’s books and more. He is best […]


Order of Bernard Lee DeLeo Books

Bernard Lee DeLeo is an American author of detective fiction, paranormal, fantasy and adventure novels. His series include the John Harding, Mike Rawlins, Rick Cantelli, P.I. and others. DeLeo earned his AA degree in Auto Technology from Chabot College in Hayward, California and his Bachelor’s in English from Cal State Hayward. He served in the […]


Order of Franklin W. Dixon Books

Franklin W. Dixon is the house name created by the Stratemeyer Syndicate for the Hardy Boys children’s adventure/mystery novels. He also wrote the Ted Scott Flying Stories series. The first author who used the pen name was the Canadian author Leslie McFarlane (pictured above). Other authors who went on to use the house name included […]


Order of Thomas Lourds Books

Thomas Lourds is the protagonist in a series of adventure/thriller novels by Charles Brokaw. Dr. Thomas Lourds is a world-famous Harvard linguistics professor and an archaeologist who lives for the thrill. The series follows his adventures as he uncovers religious historical secrets that involve ancient artifacts.


Order of Charles Brokaw Books

Charles Brokaw is a pseudonym of an author of adventure/thriller novels. He writes the Thomas Lourds series. Besides being an author, Brokaw is an academic and a college educator. He is fascinated by history, human accomplishment and archaeology. After seeing a satellite photo in an article that demonstrated how Spanish ruins resembled Atlantis, as written […]