Order of Tiffany Reisz Books

Tiffany Reisz is an American author of erotica (specifically BDSM). She writes The Original Sinners series. Tiffany got her B.A. from Centre College in Danville, Kentucky and prefers to publish her erotica under her real name (in order to make her parents and professors and proud, no doubt). Tiffany lives in Lexington, Kentucky with her […]


Order of Sadie Matthews Books

Sadie Matthews is a pseudonymous author of erotic romance novels. She writes the edgy After Dark series. Under a different pen name, she also writes women’s fiction (but that’s her secret). Sadie is married and lives in London.


Order of Stephen Leather Books

Stephen Leather is a British author of thriller and mystery novels. He is best known for his Spider Shepherd and Jack Nightingale series. He isn’t married to one genre, however, and has even written a series of erotic novellas. Aside from his novels, has written television, including London’s Burning, The Knock and Murder in the […]


Order of Order Of Solace Books

The Order of Solace is a series of erotic romance novels by American author Megan Hart. The Order of Solace consists of women who have been named for the service they provide. Stillness is there to soothe the conscience of a man in need of redemption after a shocking act from his sexual past; Honesty […]


Order of Megan Hart Books

Megan Hart is an American author of romance, erotica and fantasy novels. She got interested in writing when she read the short story Homecoming by Ray Bradbury. She re-wrote her own version of the story and then started writing her own stories from scratch. Megan has her journalism degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Megan […]


Order of Eric Jerome Dickey Books

Eric Jerome Dickey is an American author of African-American fiction, who writes novels that fit into the crime, romance and erotica genres. Dickey originally started out as a stand-up comic and then began writing short stories and a screenplay titled Cappuccino. His novels are set in many different settings, including Los Angeles, the United Kingdom […]


Order of For His Pleasure Books

For His Pleasure is a series of erotica by author Kelly Favor. The series is also known as the Submission of Miss Masters series and features BDSM.


Order of Kelly Favor Books

Kelly Favor is an author of erotica and new adult novels and stories. She is the author of the For His Pleasure series (aka Submission of Miss Masters) and the Naked series, published in eBook format. Kelly is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author.


Order of Eighty Days Books

Eighty Days is a series of erotica by author(s) Vina Jackson. Redheaded Summer Zahova is trapped in a relationship gone sour and her only escape is to play her violin in the London Underground. When her violin breaks, a university professor named offers to replace her instrument offers a proposition for her to play a […]


Order of Vina Jackson Books

Vina Jackson is the pseudonym of two writers who together write the Eighty Days erotic romance series. One of these writers is a successful published novelist, the other is a writer who works in London’s Square Mile.