Order of Obsidian Books

The Obsidian Universe is a series of fantasy novels by authors Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory. The series consists of the Obsidian Trilogy, Enduring Flame series and the Dragon Prophecy series.


Order of Elves On The Road Books

The Elves on the Road universe is a universe of fantasy novels by American novelist Mercedes Lackey and several other authors. The universe consists of the Diana Tregarde, Bedlam’s Bard (aka Urban Elves), Serrated Edge and Doubled Edge series.


Order of Shadow Grail Books

Shadow Grail is a series of young adult fantasy novels by authors Mercedes Lackey and Rosemary Edghill. Spirit White has lost her family in an accident, and then is sent away to Oakhurst Academy. However, Oakhurst isn’t simply an school and orphanage – the students all have magical powers. Spirit’s powers have yet to show […]


Order of Five Hundred Kingdoms Books

The Tales of the Five Hundred Kingdoms is a series of paranormal romance/fantasy novels by American novelist Mercedes Lackey. The series takes many of the well-known and turns them upside down.


Order of Heirs Of Alexandria Books

The Heirs of Alexandria is a series of alternate history/historical fantasy novels by Mercedes Lackey, Eric Flint and Dave Freer. The novels are set in Venice during the 1530s. Hypatia of Alexandria was killed for not ascribing to Christian beliefs in her own universe, but in this alternate universe, she has been converted to Christianity […]


Order of Elemental Masters Books

Elemental Masters is a series of fantasy novels and anthologies by American author Mercedes Lackey. In the world of the Elemental Masters, the elemental masters are able to control air, water, fire or earth, as well as elementals. The series is set in an alternative Earth sometime after the Turn of the Century.


Order of Bardic Voices Books

Bardic Voices is a series of fantasy novels by American novelist Mercedes Lackey. The series is comprised of the Bardic Voices sub-series and the related novel A Cast of Corbies.


Order of Valdemar Books

Valdemar is a series of fantasy novels and short stories by American author Mercedes Lackey. The series encompasses several different series, including both novels and short stories, most of which authored by Lackey.


Order of Mercedes Lackey Books

Mercedes Lackey is an American author of fantasy novels. She writes many different series, including her Valdemar novels, but also the Bardic Voices, Elemental Masters, Heirs of Alexandria, Five Hundred Kingdoms, Shadow Grail, Elves on the Road, Obsidian and several other different series. She learned her craft from Marion Zimmer Bradley and also includes C.J. […]


Order of Darkover Books

Darkover is a series of science fiction/fantasy novels by American author Marion Zimmer Bradley. Darkover is a planet that is habitable by humans – the only of the seven planets that orbit a red giant star known as Cottman that humans can inhabit. The humans that colonized the planet were mostly Celtic and Spanish. The […]