Order of Catherine Coulter Books

Catherine Coulter is an American novelist who writes different types of romance novels, including historical romance and romance suspense thrillers like her FBI series. Out of her historical romances, she has written romances set in Viking times, Medieval times, the Victorian era and more. She also writes contemporary romance novels.


Order of M.C. Beaton Books

Marion Chesney was a prolific Scottish novelist who often went under the pen name M.C. Beaton. Under her real name (actually, her real last name is “McChesney”), she writes romance novels including the Travelling Matchmaker series. Under the name M.C. Beaton, she has written over 20 Agatha Raisin and nearly 30 Hamish Macbeth mystery novels. […]


Order of Fifty Shades Books

Fifty Shades is a series of erotica novels by English author E.L. James. The series started out as Twilight-inspired fan fiction, but got picked up by a small publisher called The Writer’s Coffee Shop and published as a series of eBooks. From there, it only even got more popular, quickly finding itself larger print publishers […]


Order of E.L. James Books

E.L. James is an English author who made her debut as a published author with the Fifty Shades erotic romance series in eBook format. The series quickly gained popularity and was published in paperback format soon afterward. E.L. James is a mother of two who lives in West London. Before writing the Fifty Shades of […]


Order of Janet Evanovich Books

Janet Evanovich is an American novelist best known for her Stephanie Plum mystery novels. Before she started the Stephanie Plum series, Evanovich wrote romance adventure novels under the pseudonym Steffie Hall. After writing a dozen romance novels, she got tired of writing sex scenes and decided she would rather write action, thus moving on with […]


Order of Sandra Brown Books

Sandra Brown is an American novelist who writes romance novels and romance thriller/suspense novels. She started her career on a dare from her husband in 1981 and since that time has published almost 70 novels – most of which have been bestsellers. She has also used the pen names Rachel Ryan, Laura Jordan, and Erin […]


Harlequin Signs New Unpublished Romance Author

Written by Ella Thomson on Friday, March 9th, 2012

Stay-at-home mom Katrina Williams of Allen, Texas has been trying to get published for 20 years and now finally she has signed a two-book deal with Harlequin, a women’s romantic fiction publisher.


Order of Nora Roberts / J.D. Robb Books

Nora Roberts is a prolific American novelist of romance novels. She writes her In Death mystery/suspense series under the pseudonym J.D. Robb. Her other pseudonyms include Jill March and Sarah Hardesty (in the UK). She has written over 200 romance novels.


Order of Nicholas Sparks Books

American author Nicholas Sparks is a romance novelist whose novels find their way to the big screen more often than not. His novels include The Notebook, A Walk to Remember and Message in a Bottle to name a few. He also developed the concept for the ABC show The Watchers.


Order of Outlander Books

The Outlander series is a series of novels by American author Diana Gabaldon. The featured characters in Outlander are Claire Randall and James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser. In it, Claire is a British Army nurse from World War II who happens to touch a stone that sends her all the way back to the 18th […]