Order of Douglas Brodie Books

Douglas Brodie is the protagonist in a series of historical/crime fiction novels by Scottish novelist Gordon Ferris. Originally from Kilmarnock, Douglas Brodie is a crime reporter for the Glasgow Gazette following World War II. He had served in the war, during which he made Major. Prior to that, he was a cop in Glasgow. Brodie […]


Order of Gordon Ferris Books

Gordon Ferris is a Scottish author of historical, crime fiction and thriller novels. He writes the Douglas Brodie series. Prior to becoming an author, Gordon has worked as a computer programmer, as an executive for the Ministry of Defence (UK) and worked as a consultancy partner in Price Waterhouse’s banking division. As for his novels, […]


Order of J. Mark Bertrand Books

J. Mark Bertrand is an American author of Christian crime fiction novels. He writes the Roland March series. Originally from Louisiana, Bertrand earned his MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Houston, where he resided for fifteen years. Following one too many hurricanes, he and his wife left Houston for South Dakota.


Order of Barker & Llewelyn Books

Barker & Llewelyn is a series of historical mystery/hardboiled crime fiction novels by American author Will Thomas. Set in Victorian London, Cyrus Barker is a Scottish detective who the author based on Richard Francis Burton and Edward William Barton-Wright. He is an eccentric and enigmatic character. Thomas Llewelyn is a Welshman who answers to an […]


Order of Will Thomas Books

Will Thomas is an American novelist of historical mystery novels. He writes the Barker & Llewelyn series. Prior to becoming a novelist, Thomas wrote essays for Sherlock Holmes society publications and lectured on Victorian-era crime fiction. He has also been a librarian for the Tulsa City-County Library System and has been featured on the cover […]


Order of Michael Brandman Books

Michael Brandman is an American author of crime fiction novels. Following the death of series creator Robert B. Parker, he wrote the Jesse Stone series from 2011 until 2013. Brandman is also a film producer who has worked on such films as Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead, Monte Walsh and Jesse Stone: Stone Cold. He […]


Order of Mystery Man Books

The Mystery Man series is a series of comic caper novels by Irish author Colin Bateman. The series follows The Man with No Name (not Clint Eastwood), who runs a bookshop in Belfast, Northern Ireland called No Alibis. But when the local detective agency goes under, he ends up getting the call to work as […]


Order of Dan Starkey Books

Dan Starkey is the protagonist in a series of crime fiction novels by Northern Irish novelist Colin Bateman. The series follows journalist-turned-PI Dan Starkey, a divorced cynic with a taste for alcohol. The series is set in Belfast, Northern Ireland.


Order of Colin Bateman Books

Colin Bateman is an Irish author of crime fiction, thriller and dark comedy novels. Whether it’s his Dan Starkey, Martin Murphy or Mystery Man series for adults or his Eddie and The Gang with No Name, Titanic 2020 or SOS Adventures for children, Bateman writes for both young and old. Bateman began his career as […]


Order of Elizabeth Haynes Books

Elizabeth Haynes is a British author of crime fiction and suspense novels. She writes the DCI Louisa Smith series. Prior to becoming a novelist, Elizabeth worked as a police intelligence analyst for seven years – a career she is currently on a break from. She grew up in Sussex, England and studied English, German and […]