Order of Ashton Ford Books

Ashton Ford is a series of mystery novels by American novelist Don Pendleton. Ashton Ford is a former intelligence officer with the U.S. Navy, a top-notch psychic and a Renaissance man. He uses his psychic powers in order to assist those who are in crisis as a detective, able to see back into the past […]


Order of Don Pendleton Books

Don Pendleton (1927-1995) was an American author of action-adventure, thriller and detective fiction novels as well as non-fiction books. Most of the novels published under the name are using “Don Pendleton” as a house name, featuring characters created by Pendleton – most notably, Mack Bolan: The Executioner and Stony Man. On his own, he wrote […]


Order of James Ellroy Books

James Ellroy is an American author of noir crime fiction and historical mystery novels. He is best known for his unique style of prose where he leaves connecting words out and writes in short sentences. He was able to condense his novel White Jazz from 900 pages to 350 by simply eliminating verbs, rather than […]


Order of Roderick Alleyn Books

Inspector Roderick Alleyn is the protagonist in a series of detective fiction novels by New Zealand author Ngaio Marsh. Alleyn is a gentleman detective and very much part of the Golden Age of Detective Fiction. Alleyn begins the series as a 40 year-old detective chief-inspector at Scotland Yard.


Order of Ngaio Marsh Books

Ngaio Marsh (1895-1982) was a New Zealand author of detective fiction, best known for her Roderick Alleyn series. She is often spoken of in the same breath as the other Queens of Crime, Agatha Christie, Dorothy L. Sayers and Margery Allingham. In addition to being a novelist, Marsh was also a theatre director and toured […]


Order of Nick Travers Books

Nick Travers is the main character in a detective fiction series by American novelist Ace Atkins. Travers is an ex-football player who played for the New Orleans Saints who now teaches the blues at Tulane University in Louisiana. When a colleague disappears, Travers makes the transition into amateur sleuth.


Order of Nameless Detective Books

The Nameless Detective series is a detective fiction series by American author Bill Pronzini. Pronzini’s character has no name, is sort of an everyman character – middle-aged, out-of-shape and a couch potato.


Order of Bill Pronzini Books

Bill Pronzini is an American novelist of detective fiction, western fiction, science fiction and several other genres. He is married to fellow mystery author Marcia Muller, who he often collaborates with. He is best known for his Nameless Detective novels and also writes the John Quincannon series.


Order of Barbara Holloway Books

Barbara Holloway is a lead character in a series of mystery novels by American author Kate Wilhelm. Holloway works as an attorney in Eugene, Oregon. She has been described as intelligent, courageous and compassionate. Her father is also a lawyer (now semi-retired) who helps out his daughter along the way. The series mixes detective fiction […]


Order of Cliff Janeway Books

Cliff Janeway is the featured character is a series of crime fiction novels by American novelist John Dunning. Janeway is a cop and expert on rare books based out of Denver, Colorado. Dunning himself lives in Denver and ran a used book store.