Order of Remaining Books

The Remaining is a series of dystopian fiction/horror novels by American novelist D.J. Molles. In the world of The Remaining, 90% of the population has been infected with a bacterium that has turned them into hyper-aggressive predators. It is the duty of Captain Lee Harden to try and pull everything back together.


Order of D.J. Molles Books

D.J. Molles is an American author of horror/dystopian fiction novels. He is the author of The Remaining series. Molles lives in the southeast with his wife and daughter.


Order of Icons Books

Icons is a series of YA dystopian fiction/science fiction novels by American author Margaret Stohl. The Icons series is set following “The Day,” a day when the Earth lost a war it didn’t know it was fighting. There were few survivors, including four teens – Dol, Ro, Tima and Lucas. Will they be able to […]


Order of Giver Quartet Books

The Giver Quartet is a series of science fiction/dystopian fiction children’s novels by American novelist Lois Lowry. The series is set in a society which seems to be a utopian society, but turns out to be a dystopian society that lacks individuality and emotional depth.


Order of Under The Never Sky Books

Under the Never Sky is a trilogy of YA dystopian/romance novels by Brazilian author Veronica Rossi. The series follows a teenage girl named Aria who has always lived in an isolated city called Reverie and a boy from the Outside named Perry. Aria is referred to as a “Dweller,” while Perry is a “Savage.” It […]


Order of Veronica Rossi Books

Veronica Rossi is a Brazilian author of young adult dystopian/romance novels. She writes the Under the Never Sky series, which has been optioned for film by Warner Bros. Veronica graduated from UCLA. She is a New York Times and USA Today bestseller. Veronica lives in Northern California with her husband and children.


Order of Lunar Chronicles Books

The Lunar Chronicles is a series of YA fantasy novels and stories by American novelist Marissa Meyer. Each book features a re-telling of a different fairy tale character, including Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and Snow White. The stories all take place in the same world – one where humans, cyborgs and androids all […]


Order of Marissa Meyer Books

Marissa Meyer is an American author of YA fantasy novels. She writes the Lunar Chronicles series. Marissa earned her Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing & Children’s Literature as well as her Master’s in Publishing from Pacific Lutheran University in her hometown of Tacoma, Washington. Before she became a published author, she worked as a book […]


Order of Selection Books

The Selection is a series of YA dystopian fiction/romance novels and novellas by American author Kiera Cass. The Selection follows a girl named America Singer, who is entered into a competition in order to become the next queen of the country of Illea, which includes becoming the wife of Prince Maxon. But in order to […]


Order of Shatter Me Books

Shatter Me is a series of YA dystopian fiction novels and novellas by American author Tahereh Mafi. In this world, the rulers are known as The Reestablishment, who are interested in the powers of Juliette – the heroine of the series. Juliette has a fatal touch, which The Reestablishment believes they can use to their […]