Order of Billionaire Bachelors Books

Billionaire Bachelors (aka the Anderson series) is a series of contemporary romance/family saga novels by American authoir Melody Anne. Successful businessman Joseph Anderson is sick of waiting; he wants grandchildren and he wants them now. His wish is for his mansion to be filled with grandchildren as soon as possible. So he has decided that […]


Order of Clifton Chronicles Books

The Clifton Chronicles is a series of historical fiction/family saga novels by British author Jeffrey Archer. The series follows the Clifton family throughout the generations. It begins with Harry Clifton as a boy between the Great War and the Second World War in Bristol, England.


Order of Baxter Family Saga Books

The Baxter Family Saga is a series of romance/family saga novels by Palessa. The series follows the love lives of various generations of Baxter. The Baxter family is a wealthy family that owns a large corporation known as Baxter Chemicals. The series contains explicit scenes and features BWWM (black woman/white man) interracial romance in the […]


Order of Susan Howatch Books

Susan Howatch is a British novelist of mystery and family saga novels. She writes the Church of England series and the St. Benet’s Trilogy series. Susan was born and grew up in Surrey, England, but left for the United States when she was 24. She eventually returned home to live in Leatherhead, Surrey.


Order of Anna Quindlen Books

Anna Quindlen is an American author of women’s fiction and family saga novels and non-fiction books. She is also a journalist and opinion columnist who won the Pulitzer Prize for Commentary in 1992 for her New York Times column Public and Private. Quindlen gave up journalism in order to become a full-time novelist in 1995, […]


Order of Traders Books

The Traders is a series of family saga/historical fiction novels by Australian novelist Anna Jacobs. The series follows the Deagan family and takes place in Singapore and Western Australia in the 1860s and into the 1870s. It is a continuation of the Blake Sisters (aka Swan River Saga) series, but has an all-new cast of […]


Order of Silk Merchant’s Daughters Books

The Silk Merchant’s Daughters series is a historical romance family saga series of novels by American author Bertrice Small. The series follows the romantic adventures of the daughters of Giovanni Pietro d’Angelo, a silk merchant from Florence, Italy during the Renaissance Period.


Order of Wilderness Books

The Wilderness series is a series of historical fiction/family saga novels by American author Sara Donati. The series follows the Bonner family, starting out in the late 18th century and continues well into the 19th century.


Order of Nancy Thayer Books

Nancy Thayer is an American author of women’s fiction. Besides her Hot Flash Club series, she writes exclusively standalone novels. Before she became a full-time writer, Nancy taught English around Europe. Her books are often family sagas involving romance and mystery, with the common theme of growing older (in humourous tones). She and her husband […]


Order of Talon & Chantry Books

Talon & Chantry are two intersecting Western adventure family sagas by American author Louis L’Amour. The Chantrys emigrated to the United States from Ireland, fighting alongside the Sacketts in the American Revolution. The Talons left Quebec to settle in the American West. In another connection to the Sackett family, Em Talon was born a Sackett.