Order of Lake District Mysteries (Tope) Books

The Lake District Mysteries series is a series of mystery novels by English novelist Rebecca Tope. The series follows Simmy Brown, a florist who works in Windermere in the Lake District of England, but lives in Troutbeck. However, not everything comes up roses for Simmy, who ends up having to become an amateur sleuth. The […]


Order of Andy Broussard & Kit Franklyn Books

Andy Broussard & Kit Franklyn are the protagonists in a series of forensic mystery novels by American novelist D.J. Donaldson (Don Donaldson). Set in New Orleans, the series teams up an obese, but shrewd chief medical examiner Andy Broussard with a young psychologist named Kit Franklyn.


Order of Don Donaldson Books

Don Donaldson is an American author of forensic mystery and medical thriller novels. He writes the Andy Broussard & Kit Franklyn series (as D.J. Donaldson). Don has his Ph.D in human anatomy. He has taught microscopic anatomy to over 5,000 students in the medical and dental professions and has published dozens of research papers on […]


Order of D.I. Charlotte Savage Books

D.I. Charlotte Savage is the protagonist in a series of police procedural/thriller/mystery novels by English novelist Mark Sennen. The series follows Detective Inspector Charlotte Savage along with her colleagues at Plymouth CID in Plymouth, England.


Order of Ava Lee Books

Ava Lee is the protagonist in a series of crime fiction novels by Canadian novelist Ian Hamilton. Ava Lee is a Chinese-Canadian forensic accountant. Her specialty is recovering and returning debts that are difficult to recover. She teams up with “Uncle” from Hong Kong, serving all sorts of different clients. Ava is independent, intelligent and […]


Order of Ian Hamilton Books

Ian Hamilton is a Canadian author of crime fiction novels. He writes the Ava Lee series. Prior to becoming a novelist, Ian worked as a journalist, writing for such publications as Maclean’s, Boston Magazine, Saturday Night, the Regina Leader-Post, the Calgary Albertan and the Calgary Herald. He has also worked as a senior executive within […]


Order of Dr. Thomas Silkstone Books

Dr. Thomas Silkstone is the protagonist in a series of historical mystery novels by British author Tessa Harris. Dr. Thomas Silkstone is a young anatomist from Philadelphia who has found his way to late 18th century London, England, during the War of Independence. Being American, along with his methods being considered unconventional, cause him to […]


Order of Tessa Harris Books

Tessa Harris is an English novelist of historical mystery novels. She writes the Dr. Thomas Silkstone series. Tessa studied History at Oxford, and then went onto a career in journalism. She first wrote for her hometown newspaper in Louth, Lincolnshire, and then moved onto a newspaper in London, where she made women’s editor. Her next […]


Order of Inspector Appleby Books

Inspector Appleby is the protagonist in a series of crime fiction novels by Scottish novelist Michael Innes (James Innes Mackinstosh Stewart). Sir John Appleby starts out as a detective inspector with Scotland Yard. As time passes, he moves up the ranks of the outfit.


Order of Michael Innes Books

Michael Innes is the pseudonym of Scottish author John Innes Mackintosh Stewart (1906-1994), who wrote crime fiction as Michael Innes and contemporary fiction and non-fiction as J.I.M. Stewart. He is the author of the Inspector Appleby series. Stewart was born in Edinburgh, where he also grew up. He studied at several different universities all over […]