Order of Jeff Edwards Books

Jeff Edwards is an American author of military thriller/techno-thriller novels. He writes the Sea Warrior Files and City Blues series. Edwards was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia. He spent 23 years serving in the U.S. military as a sonar technician before retiring as a chief petty officer. The theme of the majority of his […]


Order of Joe Weber Books

Joe Weber is an American author of military thriller novels. He writes the Scott Dalton & Jackie Sullivan series. Weber is well-versed in the area due to the fact that he himself is a former fighter pilot. He earned his M.S. in Aviation Management and has more than 10,500 hours of flight time in 43 […]


Order of Daniel Suarez Books

Daniel Suarez is an American author of techno-thriller novels. He writes the Daemon series. Before becoming a novelist, Suarez worked in the IT field. He worked as a consultant to Fortune 1000 companies and designed software for defense, finance and entertainment purposes. Being into both technology and writing his entire life, the switch to becoming […]


Order of Richard Herman Books

Richard Herman, Jr. is an American author of techno-thriller novels. He writes the Jack Locke, Matt Pontowski and Madeline Turner series. Herman was a Weapons System operator for 21 years with the U.S. Air Force until he retired in 1983 as a major. During his career, he served for two tours in Southeast Asia and […]


Order of Black Flagged Books

The Black Flagged series is a series of techno-thriller novels by American novelist Steven Konkoly. The series follows Daniel Petrovich, who is a graduate of the Department of Defense’s Black Flag program, which has been abandoned. Petrovich has moved on from that life and has no intention of going back to it… unless he is […]


Order of Steven Konkoly Books

Steven Konkoly is an American author of techno-thriller novels. He writes the Black Flagged series. His novels feature very gritty and unapologetic themes. Steven graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy and spent eight years with various units in the Navy and Marines. He lives in Maine.


Order of John J. Nance Books

John J. Nance is an American author of techno-thriller novels and non-fiction. In addition to his writing career, he is also a pilot and an aviation analyst. Nance got his Bachelor’s and Juris Doctor degrees and then went on to serve in the U.S. Air Force during Vietnam and Operation Desert Storm. He currently serves […]


Order of Queen & Country Books

Queen & Country is a series of spy/techno-thriller graphic novels and novels by American author Greg Rucka. The series follows Tara Chace, who works for the Minders – a special ops division of the SIS. The comic book series is published by Oni Press and drawn by various artists.


Order of Betrayed Books

The Betrayed series is a historical thriller series by American author Carolyn McCray. The series is considered to be revisionist historical fiction, challenging Dan Brown in the controversy department.


Order of Ben Kamal & Danielle Barnea Books

Ben Kamal and Danielle Barnea is a series of techno-thriller novels by American author Jon Land. Ben is an Arab-American Detroit cop whose training with the force makes him valuable to the Palestinian police on the West Bank. Danielle Barnea is the best that the Shin Best (the Israeli equivalent to the FBI) has to […]