Order of Hope Street Church Mysteries Books

The Hope Street Church Mysteries is a series of cozy mystery novels by American novelist Ellery Adams (originally written as Jennifer Stanley). The series follows Cooper Lee, who is newly single and repairs copying machines for a living. Looking for something new in her life, she turns to a Bible study group, but when a […]


Order of Haley Randolph Books

Haley Randolph is the protagonist in a series of cozy mystery novels by American novelist Dorothy Howell. Haley Randolph is a fashionista who lives in Los Angeles, California. When her boss is found dead and she is implicated in the murder, she must become a detective herself in order to prove her own innocence.


Order of Dorothy Howell Books

Dorothy Howell is an American author who writes cozy mystery novels as well as historical romance novels (as Judith Stacy). She writes the Haley Randolph series. Dorothy wanted to be a writer after her eighth grade teacher began teaching creative writing. Dorothy was hooked immediately. But before she could make it to becoming a published […]


Order of Dorothy Martin Books

Dorothy Martin is the protagonist a series of English-style mystery novels by American novelist Jeanne M. Dams. Dorothy Martin is an American widow who has left the States behind for a small English cathedral town. It is there that she stumbles into becoming an amateur detective.


Order of Jeanne M. Dams Books

Jeanne M. Dams is an American author of British-style cozy mystery novels. She writes the Dorothy Martin series and the Hilda Johansson series. Jeanne was born in South Bend, Indiana, where she has lived her whole life. Despite that, she has been reading English mysteries since she was a teen and is a complete Anglophile. […]


Order of Mattie Winston Books

Mattie Winston is the protagonist in a series of cozy mystery novels by Annelise Ryan (Beth Amos). Mattie Winston is an RN from Wisconsin. She is cynical, non-PC and always nosy. These traits work in her favour when she changes careers from being a nurse to deputy coroner. Of course, despite the career change, Mattie […]


Order of Beth Amos Books

Beth Amos is an American author of mystery, thriller and suspense novels. She writes the Mattie Winston series (as Annelise Ryan), the Mac’s Bar Mysteries series (as Allyson K. Abbott) and several standalone novels under her real name. In real life, Beth is an emergency room registered nurse in Wisconsin. Therefore, she decided to start […]


Order of Maggy Thorsen Books

Maggy Thorsen is the protagonist in a series of mystery novels by American novelist Sandra Balzo. Maggy Thorsen is a divorced woman in her forties who runs a coffeehouse called the Uncommon Grounds. The series is set in Brookhills, Wisconsin. The series has been optioned to be developed as a film or television series.


Order of Sandra Balzo Books

Sandra Balzo is an American author of mystery and crime fiction novels. She writes the Maggy Thorsen and Main Street Murders Mysteries series. Prior to becoming a novelist, Sandra spent 20 years working in corporate public relations, event management and publicity.


Order of Reigning Cats and Dogs Mysteries Books

The Reigning Cats and Dogs Mysteries series is a series of cozy mystery novels by American novelist Cynthia Baxter. The protagonist of this series is veterinarian Dr. Jessica Popper, who ends up becoming an amateur sleuth, partnering up with her sometimes lover P.I. Nick Burby.