Order of David Ignatius Books

David Ignatius is an American author of spy thriller/suspense novels, in addition to his work as an associate editor and columnist for the Washington Post. He was educated at Harvard College and Kings College, Cambridge University. He started out as an editor at the Washington Monthly before starting at the Wall Street Journal, where he […]


Order of Warren Murphy Books

Warren Murphy is an American novelist of adventure, spy fiction and crime fiction novels. He is the co-creator of the Destroyer series, author of several other book series (such as Trace and Digger) and a screenwriter with credits like Lethal Weapon II and The Eiger Sanction to his name. Murphy is a veteran of the […]


Order of Robert Littell Books

Robert Littell is an American author of spy fiction. Born in Brooklyn, Littell graduated from Alfred University in 1956. After serving in the U.S. Navy for four years, he became a journalist for Newsweek during the Cold War. In his spare time, he is an amateur mountain climber. His son, Jonathan, is also a writer. […]


Order of Young Bond Books

Young Bond is a series of spy thriller/adventure novels by English author Charlie Higson. The series features the James Bond character throughout adolescence. It starts out in the 1930s when the future 007 was attending Eton College.


Order of Matt Helm Books

Matt Helm is the lead character in a series of spy thriller novels by American author Donald Hamilton. Helm works as a U.S. government counter-agent – his job is to take care of enemy agents by whatever means necessary. Several of the books (The Silencers, Murderer’s Row, The Ambushers and The Wrecking Crew) were made […]


Order of Donald Hamilton Books

Donald Hamilton (1916-2006) was a Swedish-American author of spy fiction, crime fiction and Western novels. He is the author of the Matt Helm series. His writing career began in 1946, as he wrote for various magazines. Much of his novels were set in the Southwest. Hamilton spent most of his life in Santa Fe, New […]


Order of Charles Cumming Books

Charles Cumming is a British author of spy fiction novels. He attended Eton College and graduated with 1st Class Honours in English Literature from the University of Edinburgh. Charles has been compared to as the next coming of great spy fiction authors such as John le Carre and Len Deighton by The Observer. In 1995, […]


Order of Gayle Lynds Books

Gayle Lynds is an American novelist of spy thriller novels. Lynds was born in Nebraska and raised in the Midwest and earned her journalism degree from the University of Iowa. She began writing pulp fiction novels under various pen names (such as Don Pendleton) and also writing the Covert-One with Robert Ludlum. She is the […]


Order of Mrs. Pollifax Books

Mrs. Pollifax is a series of spy fiction/mystery novels by American novelist Dorothy Gilman. Mrs. Emily Pollifax is a grandmother in her 60s who not only belongs to a garden club, but also works for the CIA on a part-time basis. The series was adapted into the comedy film Mrs. Pollifax-Spy in 1971, starring Rosalind […]


Order of Dorothy Gilman Books

Dorothy Gilman (1923-2012) was an American author of spy fiction and mystery novels. Her main protagonist was Mrs. Pollifax, a senior citizen spy. Dorothy was named a Grand Master by the Mystery Writers of America. She passed away in 2012 due to a case of Alzheimer’s, a decade after her last novel was published.