Order of G.A. Aiken Books

G.A. Aiken is an American author of paranormal romance and urban fantasy novels, writing as both Aiken and as Shelly Laurenston. She writes the Dragon Kin series, Magnus Pack series (as Laurenston) and Pride series (as Laurenston). Aiken is originally from Long Island and is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. She […]


Order of Cassie Palmer Books

Cassie Palmer is the protagonist in a series of urban fantasy novels by American novelist Karen Chance. Cassandra “Cassie” Palmer is a crazy blonde who can communicate with the dead and see future events. The series is set in the same universe as Karen Chance’s Dorina Basarab series.


Order of Karen Chance Books

Karen Chance is an American author of urban fantasy novels. She writes the Cassie Palmer series. Prior to becoming an author, Karen taught history at a university – something that helps when it comes to time travelling in her Cassie Palmer novels. She sets most of her novels in Las Vegas, but calls Florida home.


Order of Rylee Adamson Books

Rylee Adamson is the protagonist in a series of urban fantasy/paranormal romance novels by Canadian author Shannon Mayer. Rylee Adamson is a Tracker. When children go missing and the humans are out of leads, they call Rylee. Rylee is on the FBI Most Wanted List, has a pet werewolf and a witch for a best […]


Order of Shannon Mayer Books

Shannon Mayer is a Canadian author of urban fantasy/paranormal romance novels. She writes the Nevermore Trilogy, Celtic Legacy Trilogy and the Rylee Adamson series. Shannon has been reading since she was young, and eventually fell in love with fantasy novels by authors like Robert Jordan, Piers Anthony, Melanie Rawn and later got into Anne Rice. […]


Order of James Asher Books

James Asher is the protagonist in a series of historical/urban fantasy novels by American novelist Barbara Hambly. Dr. James Asher is a former spy for Queen Victoria who has retired into private life. In order to save his wife’s life from a vampire named Don Simon, he takes a job hunting vampires. The series is […]


Order of Ghost Finders Books

Ghost Finders is a series of urban fantasy novels by English author Simon R. Green. The series follows a group of ghost hunters called the Ghost Finders of the Carnacki Institute. The group is comprised of J.C. Chance, the leader of the group, computer nerd Melody Chambers and Happy Jack Palmer, a gloomy telepathy. Together, […]


Order of Fire Spirits Books

Fire Spirits is a series of young adult urban fantasy/paranormal romance novels by Scottish author Samantha Young. Ari Johnson has seen light and dark fight for supremacy – both within her family and the boy she loves. She discovers that she is the daughter of Jinn – powerful beings of smokeless fire that she cannot […]


Order of Shadow Falls Books

Shadow Falls is a series of YA urban fantasy novels by American author C.C. Hunter (Christie Craig). Kyle Galen is a 16 year-old teenage girl who is sent off to the Shadow Falls Camp. To her surprise, the camp is for supernaturals. She then has to discover her own supernatural powers, all the while dealing […]


Order of Bloodlines Books

Bloodlines is a series of YA paranormal romance/urban fantasy novels by American author Richelle Mead. The Bloodlines series is a spin-off of Mead’s Vampire Academy series. It is centered around Sydney the Alchemist – a human who is trying to keep vampires a secret from the rest of the world. Her whole life, everyone has […]