Order of Simon Toyne Books

Simon Toyne
Simon Toyne is a British author of thriller novels. He writes the Sancti Trilogy. Toyne earned his degree in English and Drama from Goldsmiths College in London, England before going on to a career in television that lasted twenty years. After quitting his job as a TV producer, Simon moved to France for six month in order to start working on his writing craft; his goal being to write a thriller. After a night crossing the English Channel during a storm with his family, they decided to look for a hotel in Rouen, France. Upon sight of the Rouen Cathedral spire, Simon got the concept for the citadel in Sanctus. (more…)


Order of Sundown Riders Books

Sundown Riders by Ralph Compton
The Sundown Riders series is a series of western novels created by American author Ralph Compton and continued on by authors Robert Vaughn and David Robbins. (more…)


Order of Trail Drive Books

Trail Drive by Ralph Compton
The Trail Drive series is a series of western novels created by American author Ralph Compton and later written by other authors. Following the Civil War, all Texas had left were longhorn cattle. In order to get them to the railroad, they must travel across 300 miles of Indian land. (more…)


Order of Ralph Compton Books

Ralph Compton
Ralph Compton (1934-1998) was an American novelist of western novels. He created the Trail Drive and Sundown Riders series. Compton hailed from St. Clair County, Alabama and stood 6’8″ tall when he wasn’t even wearing his boots. Before becoming an author, he was a musician, songwriter, radio announcer and a newspaper columnist. Following his death, his publisher Signet made his name into a house name, and novels written by authors such as Robert Vaughn, Dusty Richards, Jory Sherman, Joseph A. West, David Robbins, Ralph W. Cotton, Peter Brandvold, Marcus Galloway, Matthew P. Mayo and more had his name on the byline. (more…)


Order of Uglies Books

Uglies by Scott Westerfeld
The Uglies is a series of YA science fiction novels by American novelist Scott Westerfeld. The series is set in the future where sixteen year-olds are given cosmetic surgery in order to turn them “Pretty.” The series follows Tally Youngblood, who decides to rebel against the system when her friends enlighten her to the negatives of what the surgery does; that it not only changes your looks, but also changes your personality. (more…)