Order of John Sandford Books

John Sandford is an American novelist who is best known for his excellent Prey series, along with the popular Kidd and Virgil Flowers series. In addition to these book series, he has written a couple of standalone novels as well. (more…)


Order of Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein Books

Dean Koontz‘s Frankenstein series is a series of horror/suspense novels by Koontz that feature the character known as Deucalion (formerly known as The Monster). (more…)


Order of Moonlight Bay Books

Moonlight Bay is a suspense/mystery trilogy series of novels by American author Dean Koontz. It follows the character Christopher Snow who discovers a conspiracy involving a military compound. The character suffers from XP, meaning he is extremely sensitive to light. (more…)


Order of Odd Thomas Books

Odd Thomas is a series of thriller novels by prolific American author Dean Koontz featuring the title character. Odd Thomas is a twenty year-old fry cook and talented writer from California who can converse with the dead. (more…)


Order of Mike Tucker Books

The Black Cat Mysteries is a series of novels featuring character Mike Tucker by prolific American author Dean Koontz. (more…)


Order of Dean Koontz Books

Dean Koontz is an extremely prolific author known for his suspense thriller novels. However, he also adds elements of other genres such as horror, sci-fi, mystery and satire. (more…)


Order of Alexander Hawke Books

Alexander Hawke is a character by author Ted Bell featured in a series of spy thriller novels. (more…)


Order of Nick McIver Books

Nick McIver: Adventures Through Time is a series of books for young adults by American author Ted Bell. (more…)


Order of Sean King/Michelle Maxwell Books

Sean King and Michelle Maxwell are fictional creations of author David Baldacci. The characters initially meet up in Split Second. Michelle Maxwell made a mistake that cost her a career in the Secret Service. Sean King is also an ex Secret Service agent, making a mistake many years earlier. The two end up meeting up, find a lot in common, and start uncovering conspiracies and cover-ups involved in their cases. (more…)


Order of Camel Club Books

The Camel Club series of books are written by author David Baldacci. The Camel Club are always on the track of government conspiracies. (more…)