Order of Dean Koontz Books

Dean Koontz is an extremely prolific author known for his suspense thriller novels. However, he also adds elements of other genres such as horror, sci-fi, mystery and satire. (more…)


Order of Alexander Hawke Books

Alexander Hawke is a character by author Ted Bell featured in a series of spy thriller novels. (more…)


Order of Nick McIver Books

Nick McIver: Adventures Through Time is a series of books for young adults by American author Ted Bell. (more…)


Order of Sean King/Michelle Maxwell Books

Sean King and Michelle Maxwell are fictional creations of author David Baldacci. The characters initially meet up in Split Second. Michelle Maxwell made a mistake that cost her a career in the Secret Service. Sean King is also an ex Secret Service agent, making a mistake many years earlier. The two end up meeting up, find a lot in common, and start uncovering conspiracies and cover-ups involved in their cases. (more…)


Order of Camel Club Books

The Camel Club series of books are written by author David Baldacci. The Camel Club are always on the track of government conspiracies. (more…)


Order of David Baldacci Books

American author David Baldacci has a great balance with his books, being able to write both recurring character books as well as a variety of excellent standalone novels. His legal experience includes working as a trial lawyer and as a corporate lawyer. He writes the Sean King & Michelle Maxwell and Camel Club series. David lives in Virginia with his wife and two children. (more…)


Order of Mickey Haller Books

Michael Connelly readers will know Connelly for his mainstream series of books starring Harry Bosch, but the mainstream may be more familiar with Mickey Haller, due to the movie starring Matthew McConaughey. The series is also known as the Lincoln Lawyer series. (more…)


Order of Harry Bosch Books

Harry Bosch by Michael Connelly
Harry Bosch is the protagonist in a series of crime fiction/police procedural novels by American novelist Michael Connelly. Readers might be more familiar of Connelly’s work due to the movie about his character Mickey Haller, but make no (city of!) bones about it – the bread and butter of Michael Connelly, and his best character by far, is LAPD detective Harry Bosch. (more…)


Order of Michael Connelly Books

Michael Connelly
American author Michael Connelly is famous for his detective novels starring Harry Bosch. The popular series of books features LAPD detective Harry Bosch solving many mysteries and crimes. (more…)


Order of Kinsey Millhone Books

The Kinsey Millhone books are also known as the “alphabet series” of books. Written by author Sue Grafton, Kinsey is a detective and the series of books is in alphabetical order, in the style of “A is for _____”, “B is for ____” etc. (more…)