Order of Alex Morrow Books

Alex Morrow is the protagonist in a series of mystery/crime fiction novels by Scottish author Denise Mina. This Tartan Noir series is set in Glasgow, Scotland and features Detective Sergeant Alex Morrow, a tough female detective, in a dark and moody setting.


Order of Arne Dahl Books

Arne Dahl is the pen name of Swedish novelist Jan Arnald, who writes Scandinavian crime fiction. He writes the Intercrime series. The first five of his Intercrime novels have been adapted into films that have aired on SVT1 in Swedish and BBC Four in the United Kingdom. In addition to being a novelist, Arnald is […]


Order of Darby McCormick Books

Darby McCormick is the protagonist in a series of crime thriller novels by American novelist Chris Mooney. Darby McCormick works as a crime scene investigator in Boston, Massachusetts.


Order of Inspector Challis Books

Inspector Challis is the protagonist in a series of hardboiled mystery/crime thriller novels by Australian novelist Garry Disher. Hal Challis is a detective inspector who works in a small town called Mornington in Southeast Australia, near Melbourne. The series also features Sergeant Ellen Destry.


Order of John Katzenbach Books

John Katzenbach is an American author of psychological thriller novels. He is the author of such novels as In the Heat of Summer, Just Cause and Hart’s War – all of which were made into major motion pictures. Before becoming an author, Katzenbach worked as a court reporter for the Miami Herald and the Miami […]


Order of Lake District Mysteries Books

The Lake District Mysteries is a series of crime thriller/mystery novels by British author Martin Edwards. The series follows DCI Hannah Scarlett and Oxford historian Daniel Kind. Scarlet leads the Cumbria Constabulary Cold Case Review Team and is mentored by Ben Kind (Daniel’s father). Following Ben’s death, she meets Ben’s son Daniel and friendship (and […]


Order of Harry Devlin Books

Harry Devlin is the protagonist in a series of crime thriller/mystery novels by British novelist Martin Edwards. Harry Devlin is a lawyer based in Liverpool, England. He has a knack for trouble, but has a good heart. He has a business partner named Jim Crusoe who is extremely dependable, but he also ends up in […]


Order of Inspector Lucas Rocco Books

Inspector Lucas Rocco is the protagonist in a series of crime ficton/mystery novels by British novelist Adrian Magson. Set in the early 1960s, Lucas Rocco starts out the series in Paris, France, but is then moved to a rural area of Northern France.


Order of Riley Gavin & Frank Palmer Books

Riley Gavin and Frank Palmer are the protagonists in a series of crime thriller novels by British author Adrian Magson. Riley Gavin is a freelance journalist, while Frank Palmer is an ex-military policeman and is now a private investigator. The series is set in London, England.


Order of Adrian Magson Books

Adrian Magson is a British author of crime and spy thriller novels. He writes the Riley Gavin & Frank Palmer, Harry Tate, Inspector Lucas Rocco and Marc Portman series. A freelance writer and review, Adrian has also written a young adult paranormal novel, a writer’s guide and more.