Order of D.I. Charlotte Savage Books

D.I. Charlotte Savage is the protagonist in a series of police procedural/thriller/mystery novels by English novelist Mark Sennen. The series follows Detective Inspector Charlotte Savage along with her colleagues at Plymouth CID in Plymouth, England.


Order of Mark Sennen Books

Mark Sennen is an English author of crime thriller novels. He writes the D.I. Charlotte Savage series. Mark was born and raised in the British county of Surrey, and spent some of his teenage years in Shropshire. Living in the middle of nowhere, he would have to travel forty miles roundtrip in order to go […]


Order of Jacqui Rose Books

Jacqui Rose is a British author of gangland crime thriller novels. Jacqui grew up in an isolated mining village in South Yorkshire. She first came to appreciate writing when as she would write essays for other kids in her class for packets of sherbet dips. When she was a teenager, Jacqui also realized she loved […]


Order of D.I. Marjory Fleming Books

D.I. Marjory Fleming is the protagonist in a series of crime thriller novels by Scottish novelist Aline Templeton. Detective Inspector Marjory Fleming is tough with a sense of humour and a passion for justice. After visiting Galloway and seeing how hard the region was hit by the foot-and-mouth epidemic, Templeton decided to set her crime […]


Order of Aline Templeton Books

Aline Templeton is a Scottish novelist of crime thriller novels. She writes the D.I. Marjory Fleming series. Aline grew up in Fife, Scotland and attended St. Leonards School, St. Andrews and Cambridge University. Her first careers were in education and broadcasting. As a writer, her articles have appeared in various newspapers and magazines. Aline is […]


Order of Jack Garrett & Laura McGanity Books

Laura McGanity and Jack Garrett are the protagonists in a series of crime thriller novels by English novelist Neil White. Starting out in London, then moving to Lancashire, Laura McGanity is a detective constable and reporter Jack Garrett is her boyfriend.


Order of Neil White Books

Neil White is a British author of crime thriller novels. He writes the Jack Garrett & Laura McGanity series and the Joe & Sam Parker series. During the day, Neil works as a criminal lawyer. At night, he writes crime fiction. Growing up in Yorkshire, Neil read Enid Blyton‘s Famous Five series, Alfred Hitchcock and […]


Order of Inspector Chen Books

Inspector Chen is the protagonist in a series of crime thriller/mystery novels by Chinese author Qiu Xiaolong. Inspector Chen Chao is a cop with a great sense of integrity. He also loves to quote poetry. Although Inspector Chen is the main character, the series is not about one character, but about China as a whole. […]


Order of Chuck Hogan Books

Chuck Hogan is an American author of crime thriller and horror novels. He wrote The Strain Trilogy along with Guillermo del Toro, which was adapted into a television series on FX. Also, Hogan’s novel Prince of Thieves was made into the movie The Town by Ben Affleck and was nominated for an Academy Award. That […]


Order of Benny Griessel Books

Benny Griessel is the protagonist in a series of crime thriller novels by South African novelist Deon Meyer. Benny Griessel is a homicide detective in Cape Town, South Africa. At the beginning of the series, Griessel is in a bad place. He is on the verge of losing everything he has, including his job, his […]