Order of William Marshal Books

William Marshal is the protagonist of a series of historical fiction by British novelist Elizabeth Chadwick. The series largely follows William Marshal, an English soldier and statesman from the early part of the 13th century. The series also goes back even further, in the form of a prequel that follows William’s father, John.


Order of Elizabeth Chadwick Books

Elizabeth Chadwick is a British author of historical fiction. She writes a series featuring the real-life historical figure William Marshal. Ever since Elizabeth was young, she has been making up stories, but only started writing when she was 15. After writing a story about the Holy Land in the 12th century, she realized that this […]


Order of Douglas Brodie Books

Douglas Brodie is the protagonist in a series of historical/crime fiction novels by Scottish novelist Gordon Ferris. Originally from Kilmarnock, Douglas Brodie is a crime reporter for the Glasgow Gazette following World War II. He had served in the war, during which he made Major. Prior to that, he was a cop in Glasgow. Brodie […]


Order of Gordon Ferris Books

Gordon Ferris is a Scottish author of historical, crime fiction and thriller novels. He writes the Douglas Brodie series. Prior to becoming an author, Gordon has worked as a computer programmer, as an executive for the Ministry of Defence (UK) and worked as a consultancy partner in Price Waterhouse’s banking division. As for his novels, […]


Order of Will Thomas Books

Will Thomas is an American novelist of historical mystery novels. He writes the Barker & Llewelyn series. Prior to becoming a novelist, Thomas wrote essays for Sherlock Holmes society publications and lectured on Victorian-era crime fiction. He has also been a librarian for the Tulsa City-County Library System and has been featured on the cover […]


Order of Dr. Thomas Silkstone Books

Dr. Thomas Silkstone is the protagonist in a series of historical mystery novels by British author Tessa Harris. Dr. Thomas Silkstone is a young anatomist from Philadelphia who has found his way to late 18th century London, England, during the War of Independence. Being American, along with his methods being considered unconventional, cause him to […]


Order of Tessa Harris Books

Tessa Harris is an English novelist of historical mystery novels. She writes the Dr. Thomas Silkstone series. Tessa studied History at Oxford, and then went onto a career in journalism. She first wrote for her hometown newspaper in Louth, Lincolnshire, and then moved onto a newspaper in London, where she made women’s editor. Her next […]


Order of Hannah Vogel Books

Hannah Vogel is the protagonist in a series of historical mystery novels by American novelist Rebecca Cantrell. Hannah Vogel is a crime reporter in Berlin, Germany during the rise of the Nazis of 1930s. She digs into the Berlin underworld in order to solve her brother’s murder, but everything changes when a young boy shows […]


Order of Rebecca Cantrell Books

Rebecca Cantrell is an American author of historical fiction, mystery, thriller and horror novels. She writes the Hannah Vogel, Joe Tesla, iMonsters and the Order of the Sanguines (with James Rollins) series. Rebecca had always wanted to be a writer, so one day she quit her job, sold her house, packed her bags and moved […]


Order of Steven Pressfield Books

Steven Pressfield is an American author of historical fiction and non-fiction books, in addition to being a screenwriter. After graduating from Duke University, Steven joined the United States Marines. After that, he worked as a copywriter, teacher, truck driver, bartender, oilfield roustabout, mental hospital attendant and fruit-picker. For a time, he was living out of […]