Order of Denton Books

Denton by Kenneth Cameron
Denton is a series of historical mystery novels by American novelist Kenneth Cameron. The series follows General Denton, a veteran of the U.S. Civil War and a former sheriff. He is now living in London, England and working as a novelist during the turn of the century. (more…)


Order of Kenneth Cameron Books

Kenneth Cameron
Kenneth M. Cameron is an American author of historical fiction, spy fiction, military thrillers and non-fiction books. He writes the Denton series and co-authors the Alan Craik series. Kenneth is a former U.S. Navy intelligence officer. He has written under his real name, as George Bartram and with his son Christian Cameron as Gordon Kent. Kenneth spends most of the time living in the Adirondacks in New York state. (more…)


Order of Anne Hillerman Books

Anne Hillerman
Anne Hillerman is an American author of non-fiction books and mystery novels. She is the daughter of mystery author Tony Hillerman and has recently taken over his Leaphorn & Chee series. Before taking over the series, Anne spent over 20 years as a journalist, working for the Albuquerque Journal North and the Santa Fe New Mexican. She has also been the food critic for the Albuquerque Journal since 2001. (more…)


Order of Inspector Lucas Rocco Books

Inspector Lucas Rocco by Adrian Magson
Inspector Lucas Rocco is the protagonist in a series of crime ficton/mystery novels by British novelist Adrian Magson. Set in the early 1960s, Lucas Rocco starts out the series in Paris, France, but is then moved to a rural area of Northern France. (more…)


Order of Harry Tate Books

Harry Tate by Adrian Magson
Harry Tate is the protagonist in a series of spy thriller novels by British novelist Adrian Magson. Harry Tate is an MI5 officer who is blamed for a botched operation, and thus sent to a remote outpost in the Balkans. (more…)