Order of Jack Stapleton/Laurie Montgomery Books

Jack Stapleton and Laurie Montgomery are fictional characters featured in a series of medical thrillers by American novelist Dr. Robin Cook. Jack Stapleton and Laurie Montgomery are medical examiners based in New York City. (more…)


Order of Robin Cook Books

Dr. Robin Cook is an American physician-turned-author who writes medical thrillers. His goal as a novelist is to educate his readers on important (and controversial) medical issues while entertaining them at the same time. He considers himself a doctor who became a novelist rather than a novelist who studied medicine. A number of Cook’s works have been adapted to film and television, including Coma, which was directed by Michael Crichton (who was also an author and a doctor). (more…)


Order of Nikki Heat Books

Nikki Heat is a fictional character who appears in a series of mystery/police procedural novels by fictional American author Richard Castle. In the ABC TV series, Castle used his friendship with the Mayor of New York City to get partnered with (fictional) detective Kate Beckett in order to create his new character, who becomes Nikki Heat. (more…)


Order of Richard Castle Books

Richard Castle is a fictional character who is portrayed by Nathan Fillion on the ABC television series Castle. Despite being a fictional character, Castle is an author of real-life mystery novels as well as several short stories. In his spare time, Castle plays poker with James Patterson, Michael Connelly and Dennis Lehane. (more…)


Order of Daniel Easterman Books

Daniel Easterman is a British author (born in Northern Ireland; lives in England). Although he is best known for writing non-fiction about Eastern religions and cultures under his real name of Denis MacEoin, he doubles as a novelist, writing under the pseudonyms Daniel Easterman and Jonathan Aycliffe. (more…)


Order of Sword Of Truth Books

The Sword of Truth is a series of epic fantasy novels by American author Terry Goodkind. The series follows Richard Cypher, Kahlan Amnell and Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander on a fight against oppression, tyranny and destruction. The series was adapted into the TV series Legend of the Seeker by Sam Raimi, which ran for two seasons from 2008 to 2010. (more…)


Order of Terry Goodkind Books

Terry Goodkind is an American novelist of epic fantasy. He is the author of The Sword of Truth series. Goodkind has been credited with the ability to write large-scale epics and being able to create an intriguing universe. Goodkind’s novels explore human themes within his large and interesting fictional societies. He cites Ayn Rand as a major influence on his writing. (more…)


New Book Releases for July 24, 2012

Written by Brandon Williams on Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

Today (July 24th) is another huge day for book releases! Major books from authors like Brad Thor, J.A. Jance, Danielle Steel and Emily Giffin are all hitting shelves today.

First off, we have what is probably our most anticipated thriller novel in a long time, Black List by Brad Thor. It’s the 11th book in Brad’s Scot Harvath series. Harvath finds his name on a closely guarded list where the only names that leave the list are the dead ones. Teams are dispatched to take out Harvath and he must find out why he is being targetted for death. You can find Black List by Brad Thor in hardcover, eBook and audiobook formats. (more…)


Early Edition Sherlock Holmes Novel Auctions For Big

Written by Brandon Williams on Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

An early copy of The Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle has sold for almost ten times its guide price in an auction in Essex.

The Sherlock Holmes book sold for £3,900 ($6,000) as part of the Sworders Fine Art Auctioneers auction. The book was published in 1902 and was part of a collection owned by Mary Jakeman, a maid to the Conan Doyles. Jakeman accompanied the family on trips overseas to the United States as well as Australia. (more…)


Order of Darkest Powers Books

The Darkest Powers series is a series of urban fantasy/horror/paranormal romance books by Canadian novelist Kelley Armstrong. The series follows a group of scientists who experiment on various supernatural subjects. The series is broken up into two trilogies – the Darkest Powers trilogy that is told through the viewpoint of 15 year-old necromancer Chloe Saunders and the Darkness Rising trilogy that focuses on 16 year-old Maya Delaney. (more…)