Order of Laurie Halse Anderson Books

Laurie Halse Anderson is an American author of young adult, children’s and historical fiction novels. She writes the Vet Volunteers series. Laurie started out as a freelance journalist, writing for The Philadelphia Inquirer. At the same time, she began writing books for children and young adults. A few books into Laurie’s career, the novel that […]


Order of Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad Books

Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad is a series of historical mystery novels by American novelist Alex Grecian. Set in Victorian London following Jack the Ripper’s Autumn of Terror in 1889, the series focuses on the same team of detectives created in the wake of the failure to track down and capture the notorious serial killer. The […]


Order of Alex Grecian Books

Alex Grecian is an American author of historical mystery novels, and is also a comic book writer. He writes the Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad series and is the co-creator of the comic book series Proof. Growing up, Alex read all the classics by authors like C.S. Lewis, Charles Dickens, Lewis Carroll and Edgar Allan Poe, […]


Order of Camulod Chronicles Books

The Camulod Chronicles is a series of historical fiction novels by Scottish author Jack Whyte. The series is also known as the original title of A Dream of Eagles (outside the United States) and sometimes as the Arthurian Saga. The books in this series are a re-telling of Arthurian legend, which tell the origin of […]


Order of Jack Whyte Books

Jack Whyte is a Scottish-Canadian novelist of historical fiction novels. He writes the Camulod Chronicles (aka Legends of Camelot), the Knights Templar Trilogy and the Guardians Trilogy. Jack was born and raised in Scotland, was educated in England and France and moved to Canada in 1967, where he has been living ever since. His novels […]


Order of Mountain Majesty Books

Mountain Majesty is a series of western/historical fiction novels written under the house name of John Killdeer. The series follows a frontiersman trapper by the name of Cleve Bennett, his Cheyenne wife Second Son and their son Billy-Wolf on adventures across the western frontier.


Order of Eugenia Price Books

Eugenia Price (1916-1996) was an American author of historical fiction and Christian non-fiction books. Most of her novels were set in the Southern United States. When she was 10, Eugenia decided that she wanted to be a writer. She changed her mind and went to get into dentistry, but after a couple of years, she […]


Order of Herman Wouk Books

Herman Wouk (1915-2019) was an American author of historical fiction novels. He joined the U.S. Navy and served in the Pacific Theater of World War II, which he bases much of his fiction on. Wouk kept a daily journal ever since 1937, which he uses for research. The U.S. Library of Congress scanned over 100 […]


Order of Alison Weir Books

Alison Weir is a British author of historical non-fiction and fiction books. The topic of all of her books – whether fiction or non-fiction – is the British monarchy. Alison has written biographies of such royals as Elizabeth I, Henry VIII, Mary, Queen of Scots, Isabella of France and many others. She has also written […]


Order of Michael Wallace Books

Michael Wallace is an author of thriller, suspense, historical fiction and fantasy novels for both adults and young adults. He writes the Righteous series as well as the Devil’s Deep series and the Dark Citadel series. But not all of Michael’s adventures are fiction; he’s travelled across the Sahara while riding a camel, went through […]