Each month we ask our Facebook followers for a book or series recommendation based on a particular genre or similar parameters – and then print the answers in our mid-month newsletter.

I thought it would be a good idea to have a separate page listing these, as I use it as a reference guide often.

So on this page you will find all of the readers’ answers when I asked them for the best Scandinavian Noir / Detective Authors. This was originally printed in the May 2020 Newsletter.

There are many great authors out there within that genre. Jussi Adler-Olsen who writes the Department Q series and Camilla Lackberg who pens the Hedstrom / Fjallbacka series.

There are no doubt other authors not listed that fall within this category – feel free to recommend them in the comments, and I’ll update the list! List is presented alphabetically by first name of author:

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6 Responses to “Top Scandinavian Noir / Detective Authors”

  1. Nessa: 2 months ago

    How about Antti Tuomainen?
    Christoffer Petersen and Asa Larsson?

    I wanted to suggest Soren Sveistrup but he only has one book.


    • Graeme: 1 month ago

      Thank you. Added – and Soren as well 🙂


  2. Lynne McNeil: 5 months ago

    Henning Mankell


    • Graeme: 5 months ago

      Thank you. I knew I was missing one really big one. Added 🙂


    • Susan Gavigan: 5 months ago

      Other favorites of mine:
      Kjell Eriksson
      Anne Holt
      John Lier Horst
      Kristina Ohlsson


      • Graeme: 5 months ago

        Thanks Susan. We did have Horst listed but not the others – added them now 🙂


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