Below is a complete listing of every author whose books we have listed and in order here at

Each of the above links contains a bio of that author as well as all of their books listed – divided into series, standalone novels, collections and more. Please note that we only have one page for each author and all of his or her pen names, so if you can’t find an author by one name, you may want to use our Search box in the top-right corner of the site to find out if we have the author listed (in most cases, it should be their most popular pseudonym).

On top of that, our computer system also will provide for you the best possible price to purchase those books, linking you to the best online retailer for your needs.

If you can’t find your desired author here, we welcome requests in the “Comments” section below.

  • Evelyn Ryan

    This is a great idea and nice job!! Do you take requests for authors not on here, to have them posted?

    • Brandon

      Absolutely! We love requests.

      Thank you!

  • Salie

    Would you do a list for Megan Hart please?

    • Brandon

      Thanks for the request! She’ll be up on in the site within a day from now.


  • Guppy9958

    Could you please compile a list for Bentley Little? Great site, I love it!!!

    • Brandon

      He’s up on the site now! Thanks!

  • syvia E

    stephen leather please

    • Brandon

      We’ve added him to the site. Thanks for the request!

  • Jimneecricket

    COuld you please list James Axler”s books

    • Brandon

      Not giving me an easy one, are ya? Well, at least it appears to be straightforward… I’ll get to work on it!

  • JTS

    AWESOME site!! Many thanks!!

  • bh3156

    Please list Denise Swanson, Maddy Hunter, Earlene Fowler. Love this site!!

    • Brandon

      Sure… It might be a little while though, because there’s a lot of cozies coming up and we try to mix things up.

  • Anewhaller

    Morgan Llywelyn

  • Lynn

    Please do a list for Kate Kingsbury.

  • Lynn

    This is a great site. I have been doing all this research myself and here you have the lists. Thank you.

  • milliet

    Please condsider adding Gordon Ferris’ detective Douglas Brodie. Just discovered and have quickly read all three. Quality!

  • Pat

    great site !! Really fills a niche.

    Could you add author Richard Herley ?

  • Patricia Price

    Love this site…please add Ivan Doig

  • Mary Froelich

    Thanks for all your hard work added to favorites

  • John

    Excellent site … but where is William Makepeace Thackeray? I also don’t see Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings.

    • Brandon

      They weren’t even on our to do list until you mentioned them. Happy to add them to it though. Thanks!

  • Amy

    What a delightful (and useful!) surprise to find your site. Would you consider listing Amy Tan?

    • Brandon

      Thank you so much! She’s actually at the top of my to do list here, and with your request, that puts her at the very top. She’ll be up in the next few days.

  • Robert

    Please consider adding Greig Beck

  • Diane

    Could you add Lauren Willig?



  • Jan

    I like your site. It’s great for chasing down SciFi books. But I didn’t see Jasper Fforde who writes the Thursday books and others.

    • Brandon

      Jasper was right on the brink of being added before your recommendation. Expect to see him added soon. Thanks!

  • Stephen

    Hi could you please add Stephen Harding? Thanks!

    • Brandon

      While our focus is fiction, I’ve added him to my list.

  • Sue Morris

    Please could you add Anne Bennett, I am so confused with her books as she has written 6 that link in together about the sullivan family, have read most of them but didn’t realise their significance till I had given them away, now collecting them again and would love to read them in order. This is a fantastic site and really useful, thanks for all your hard work!!

    • Brandon

      I can add her to our to do list, but until then, I think I can help out with a more immediate solution. (And thanks for the kind words!)

      • Sue Morris

        Thank you for this link, do you have any idea why there are 2 books with the same title but different pictures on the front included in the 6 books? Could it be that there are in fact only 5 books in the Sullivan series?

  • Stacon

    Toby Neal’s “Lei Crime” series

  • mel k

    Why no listing for Colin Cotterill?

    • Brandon

      There’s no reason why we don’t have any author on the site other than not enough people want them up yet (and we can only put them up so fast). However, Colin is almost at the very top of our list of authors to add, so he should be up very soon!

  • carol

    I don’t find Anna Quindlen. Am I missing it or can it be added? I , too recently found this site and it is indeed excellent and fills a real need for the many book lovers that want to read titles in order. Thanks, Carol

  • Trevor Cole

    Jim Kelly please.

  • Cheryl Chapman

    I love this site! Creating a lending library for my sorority. Could you please add Karen Harper to the list? We love romantic/suspense. Thank You!!!!

  • Diana

    I’m a fan of Sharyn McCrumb, particularly the Ballad series and the Elizabeth MacPherson novels. Hope to see her here soon. Thanks.

    • Brandon

      She’s not far down our “to do” list and she just got closer to the top!

  • Rah

    Looking for Ally Condie

  • Chic

    Looking for Robert Harris (Enigma; Fatherland)

    • Brandon

      Thanks for the request!

  • Sheila J Smith

    David Handler

  • Cheryl

    Great website! Use it just about every day! Please add Catherine Anderson when you get a chance. Thanks!

  • pilford

    I would like more info on Zoe Sharpe A Nottingham UK writer

  • Jim

    James carlos Blake ?

  • Susan

    I’ve just discovered this terrific site, and wish I’d discovered it a lot sooner. Thank you!

  • J

    I’d like to see “Blood Coven” Novels by Marianne Mancusi

    • Brandon

      Thanks! She’s just moved closer to the top on our “to do” list.

  • Tebs

    Just stumbled onto this site and made my day. I love Evelyn Anthony and noticed she is not listed. Thanks!

    • Brandon

      Thanks for the request!

  • Mandy S

    I would love to see Barbara Hambly’s books added to this page. Awesome site!

  • danbrownx

    Why is THE MYSTERIOUS AVIATOR not listed with other Neville Schute books?

    • Brandon

      Because it’s listed under its other title of “So Disdained.” There’s a note at the bottom.

  • danbrownx

    I appreciate your work and your list but I think both titles should be shown to avoid confusion. I have The Mysterious Aviator and no where does it mention a second title. I have just read Wikipedia and I see the American version is TMA; the English version So Disdained.

  • Pebbles

    Can you add Anne Tyler and Kazuo Ishiguro please. Love this site. I use it all the time.

  • audrey1984

    suggesting michael ridpath, who writes thrillers

  • audrey1984

    I notice you’re in high demand and a bit backed up, whereas I am an unemployed librarian who loves your site and would treasure some online work. Just sayin’ ….

    • Brandon

      Unfortunately, we’re not currently hiring, but please send your contact info to us at incase that changes.

  • Jay

    Can’t believe Jacquelyn Mitchard is not included on your site

    • Brandon

      There’s a lot of authors that I can’t believe are not on this site yet! But I usually add authors based on what the visitors want to see, so Ms. Mitchard is now one step closer to being added. :)

  • Jay

    Thank you Brandon. My first ever posting on your site was a bit curt and I apologize for that.

  • Bev Harrison

    Would you consider putting the following authors up on your site?
    Ella Price, Felicity Heaton, Lisa Renee Jones, Jasmine Haynes, Azure Boone, JM Madden, JS Luxor, Amy Cross and Rita Hestand.
    More to come.

    • Brandon

      Thanks! Send as many requests as you like. They all count.

  • Dave

    Another author add request: Jane K. Cleland and her series of Josie Prescott antiquarian mysteries. Thanks.

  • Karen

    May I suggest that, instead of page numbers, you list the pages as Ray-Robert M, Robert R.-Simon, etc. Looking for an author whose first name comes in the middle of the alphabet is a guessing game to find the correct page. Thanks.

    • Brandon

      This is an excellent suggestion. If there is a way to do this without having to do it manually, we’d strongly consider it.

  • Bev Harrison

    Okey doke, here are some more you might consider for your list:
    Tonya KAPPES
    Terri REID
    Regan BLACK
    Irina SHAPIRO
    Cynthia SAX

  • Trish

    Fabulous site – just found you and am so happy!! Thank you very much for your hard work! I have a great author for you to add – Clinton Mckinzie. His main character is Special Agent Antonio Burns and he is a rock climber and a bit of a rebel. Have read them all – suspense, action and legal thrills – great reads!

  • Paul M.

    Would like to see Grant McKenzie on the list. Thanks, Paul.

  • Cheryl

    Hi, Brandon! Please add Joan Johnston when you get a chance. Thanks! Love this site bunches … I can’t seem to do without it on a daily basis.

  • katelowe

    I would like to see Joanna Campbell-Slan added to list

  • Princess Poopyhead

    Unfortunately, you have none of the authors or series listed on your website I’m currently interested in. Boo-hoo!

    • Brandon

      Tell us what you want to see added!

      • Princess Poopyhead

        Richard Stevenson, John Morgan Wilson, Joseph Hansen, Mark Richard Zubro

  • TheAntiObama

    A very Scary Author Malachi Martin, Exorcist for the Vatican, unfortunately is not list. Will just keep an eye on Orson S. Card, Dan Simmons, and Jeff Sharra for new releases.

    • Brandon

      Thank you for the request!

  • Peggy Hilmer Gibson

    Looking for books by Chris Knopf with main character Sam Acquillo please

    • Brandon

      He just happened to be at the very top of our list, so he’ll be added very shortly.

  • mel

    Was looking for a list of Jeremiah Healy books. Especially with his obituary in today’s newspaper.

  • Magato6

    Just came across this site …! Am thrilled to see all my favorite authors and new authors to read, wish I had this years ago! It is sometimes hard to remember who wrote which character ? Just great to get on here and surf for hours! I am a voracious reader, 7 books a week! Sometimes, So always looking for new (to me) authors to read! My favorite is Alex Cross. Michael Bennett Series! I don’t normally read books with co-authors with the exception of Lee Child and Douglas Preston, so I am glad I tried Michael Bennett series… Otherwise James Patterson is my favorite when he writes alone!
    MC Beaton’s Hamish Mc Beth
    Diana Gabaldan ( only historical books I have read )
    Jan Karon
    Andrew Greely
    Both Kellerman’s
    Ian Rankin
    Robert Parker
    Could go on for hours!
    Like all kinds of books except Western, Sci Fi and Histerical Romances! If a book makes me laugh? So much better!
    My favorite is Mystery Novels , but I like series where characters come alive ! Learn new things about new places, places I will never. Visit but can visualize through books !

  • Bob Buchanan

    Would like Sean Black to your list. Most of his novels are 4 star

  • Eamon

    Love the site! Opened up a whole new world. Thank you very much


    Love this. wish could have found it sooner

  • Patsy Laurendine Ferrara

    Very helpful site! Gillian Roberts’ Amanda Pepper series isn’t represented, though. You may want to consider adding. Thanks!

    • Brandon

      I didn’t see this post until now, but Gillian is now up and Amanda will soon follow.

  • Cynthia

    Is there a way to search out authors who write action suspense on your site?

    • Brandon

      Besides writing it in a search box, not really, unfortunately. I’m not sure I’ve ever used that term for a genre, but you can look up an author in that genre and maybe there will be others listed with it under “If you like…”. Adding a genre section to the site is one of my goals, but to properly index them would take a long time.

  • Eamon

    Craig Russell should be in there, gentlemen

  • Carole

    Would like the “Midwife” books by Sam Thomas listed. His third one is coming out in January.

  • disqus_v3VchbOZZx

    KATHRYN LE VEQUE. I’d love to see her books listed here. She has written so many Historical Medieval romantic adventures.

  • Max

    Ivan Doig writes superb novels, but is not in your authors list.

  • Bill_R

    Very helpful site… perhaps you could include Carol Davis Luce in your authors list.

  • Gail Heath

    Where are the Charlie Steel books?

    • Brandon

      If enough people are looking for him, I will add him to the site!

  • Bev

    What about adding Red Phoenix as an author?

    • Brandon

      Thanks for the request!

  • Judith Dillon

    I use your site constantly. Would you please add Qiu Xiaolong’s Inspector Chen series and his other works?

    • Brandon

      I shot him right up there for you. Thanks for the request!

  • Andy

    Thank you! I try to finish at least one book a day, and absolutely love series, where my favorites will keep appearing. Wonderful site, and will follow and access via Facebook.

  • Evelyn Kostanski

    How often does ORDER OF BOOKS update authors booklists?
    Thank you!

  • Elizabeth M Woods

    No Todd McCaffrey?

  • Candice

    I would like Robinson Wells on the site. Thanks! Your site is very helpful.

  • Nadine

    I love this site! I have found it most helpful over the past year. I was wondering why I could not find any listing of Pulitzer Prize Winner Alice Munro?

    • Brandon

      Thanks for the comments, Nadine! Alice was one tier down from being added to the site, so you can take credit for getting her added very soon!

  • Mary

    Just discovered this marvelous site. Thank you. Thank you

  • plainoldwill

    This is a wonderful site. Where is Robert Silverberg?

  • A J

    You are missing Mary Coneally; fab christian romance writer, women have a can do attitude, men are dimensional, good, bad, real. Turn of the century, old West.

  • Bev

    What about JS Scott? She has quite a few books.

  • joe bondaloon

    looking for William Lashner, a terrific author

  • Ila Turner

    Please add He is probably best known for his movie directing now but is a very good novelists, best known for the Strain Trilogy. I looked under G and T, and under Strain Trilogy with no luck. Thanks for considering my request

  • Bev

    Could you please add Cassie Laurent?

  • kathi Harris

    What a useful site and tool. Now on my favorites list.