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Hi everyone,

Welcome to a special past-mid-month near the end of the month edition of the Order Of Books newsletter.

I will still be producing a newsletter for April 1st, however I also wanted to send out a quick newsletter prior to that with a few important notes.

Let’s jump right in:

1: I’m here if you need to talk, vent or rant.

Over the years of running this website and newsletter, I’ve came to know a lot of the visitors and subscribers. I recognize your names when you send a mailbag response or just e-mail me to update me with what you are reading. I’ve became friends with quite a lot of you over this time.

I also know that our readers tend to skew towards the older demographic. I just wanted to let everyone know that I am here to listen to you if you feel the need to talk, vent, rant or just in general share your concerns.

I’ve had a few people e-mailing me already saying “sorry to burden you with this” and then talking about the situation. No need to apologize – happy to be here for evreyone.

None of us are alone in this. We are all dealing with it together. I am here to listen and chat to you throughout all this. If you want to go a different direction and talk about books, TV shows etc that’s completely fine too. I work from home and am at my computer all day long so happy to chat with anyone.

I’m a very optimistic person and nothing gets me down so feel free to unload on me. Seriously.

And I won’t judge anyone either. If you want to talk about politics, government etc from any perspective – feel free to. It doesn’t matter what side you’re on in regard to the “stay home” rules – no judging from me. Basically if you feel you are bottling stuff up and wish to talk, just hit reply. I’m all ears and am here for everyone during this time.

Well – except for the complaints about Tom Cruise being cast as Jack Reacher that I still receive on a regular basis. It’s been 8 years people – time to move on!

2: Gift Certificates.

Every month in the newsletter I give 2 random $25 gift certificates to subscribers. For at least the next couple of newsletters, starting with this one, I am going to up that to 10 $25 gift certificates for random subscribers.

Use that for whatever you want. if you need food or supplies great use it for that. If you want to escape with books or a DVD show or whatever – same deal, go nuts. Just want to do my part to help people during this time. The list of winners for this newsletter is below and you’ve all been sent an e-mail.

3: Book Series to Escape In.

These are crappy times but all us book lovers have an advantage; we have all these fictional worlds to escape into! I know over this last week, I’ve been reading more and more.

I’ve mentioned a few times lately that my backlog of books is crazy. Well I’m using these times to read a lot more. And I tell ya – it’s so nice to take a break from the internet and news for a few hours, and dive into the world of “The Gray Man” or whatever.

(Although that latest book with the first person perspective? Ugh. Worst thing to happen in the past month!)

A few days ago, I hit up our Facebook page and asked the followers on there to recommend some new book series for people to get into during this time. I’ve compiled the list below with notes to help you if you want to pick a new series to get into.

I hope everyone stays safe during this time. I know it’s scary but hopefully we can come out of this a much better human race, and more appreciative of everything we have that we take for granted.

Or at the very least – hopefully we can clear up some of those reading backlogs!

Stay safe everyone.

Here’s the 10 random gift certificate winners for this newsletter – oh I’ve had some people ask how I know where people are from. Our mailing list software tracks the general location where you signed up from(City, State, Country). So it’s not always accurate if you have moved or signed up on your vacation to another country or whatever.

Karen from Melbourne, FL
Bob from Baccus Marsh, Australia
Linda from Lombard, IL
Brent from Bothell, WA
Marcia from Prospect SA, Australia
Patricia from Parkville, MD
Edward from Kittaning, PA
Diane S from Jacksonville, FL
Alan from Arlington Heights, IL
Candace M. from Tampa, FL

Keep on reading to find some great new book series to keep you distracted during this time.


Book Series

I took to our facebook page to ask people to recommend some book series for us all to get stuck into during this time.

The response was overwhelming with some incredible suggestions. I’ve compiled a list below with notes in regard to the topic to help you if you are looking for a new book series.

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  1. Cinda Slate: 2 years ago

    Thanks for sending this older column, it is a tremendous resource. I’m copying it into my phone so I’ll have it at hand when I’m in the library! I enjoy your columns and look forward to reading each one.


    • Graeme: 2 years ago

      You’re welcome Cinda and thanks for the feedback 🙂


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